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Willy Wonka Meets The Powerpuff Girls

And I hate to agree with Mary, but she gives Lil' C the gears for saying that "amazing" isn't good enough. Then she talks about how they have all the qualities of superheroes: strength, versatility, flexibility, sexiness. Everything except the super powers! She thinks Kayla stood out a little bit more, and then she says it was too bad they didn't have the routine together in time for Comic Con in San Francisco last week.

Nigel gets all horndog about how the women look, especially Jeanine. He loved it, and he also indulges in some more show-praise by talking about how great it is that they started with a trio tonight and ended with a trio.

So who's going to be Top 4? I'm predicting Kayla, Melissa, Brandon and Evan.

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