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Willy Wonka Meets The Powerpuff Girls

And then it is a full five minutes of Mary screaming at the dancers, and a lot of it has to do with how Brandon shouldn't have any self-esteem problems. And then you think, "Wow, is that Catherine Zeta-Jones? When did she start getting older? And shouldn't she put on a bra?" Only it's just Doriana applauding.

Nigel sniffily says it's easy to get an audience hyped up by yelling and says he's going to critique this professionally, whereupon he gets up and starts yelling like a maniac. When he eventually calms down, he praises the show itself, as he is wont to do, amazed at the diversity in seeing a great contemporary routine and then a great disco routine. I always love when he does his "Where else on TV can you see this?" bit, because I always think, "I know what he means, because the hockey game I watched the other night had very little dancing in it."

And now we're watching the women rehearse with Sonya for a contemporary routine. She says it's about superheroes, which she wishes actually exist. Kayla is Storm, Jeanine is Wonder Woman, and Melissa is Buttercup. We get annoying old Batman television show sound effect graphics, like ZZZWAP, only instead of committing to the bit and making them look old-school, they were just done in the SYTYCD font, which kind of ruined it a bit. Also, I thought Sonya was making a joke with that Buttercup name, and it turns out that's a Powerpuff Girl.

Melissa talks about how the movement needs to be together or it's not going to look good, and Jeanine says there were a few times they were out of sync, resulting in Kayla getting a fist in the face (ZONK!!! explains the graphic). Anyway, the dance is about showing off how strong and yet beautiful these women are. Yawn.

They're all in costumes, naturally, bustiers and short shorts with capes that they ditch early on. I don't get "superheroes" from this piece, even with all the fist throwing. It's more like a cheerleading routine in knee-high boots and strobe lights. There are some similarities to the guys' piece actually. They finish in a crime-fighting pose, but even that was more Charlie's Angels than X-Men.

Still, Cat wants to join their group, and points out that she has a bracelet and everything.

Lil' C praises Sonya for being in charge of the physical education curriculum at Super Hero High School. Then he takes a long time to say, essentially, that they weren't in unison enough and were a little too courteous too each other, instead of treating the stage like a bowl and eating it. He thought they danced it "amazingly" but he needs more than that.

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