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Lil' C commends Evan for dancing bigger than he's ever danced on the show. And then comes the "tough love": he says Nigel told him, when he did a jive, that his protractions need to be swifter and more powerful, and he didn't quite take heed to that, but other than that, it was a good job. Then Lil' C says "fabulous" three times.

Mary says it started great but then seemed to flag as the routine when on, although she acknowledges the quick step is one of the toughest routines to do. She praises the lift at the end, but points out it wasn't quickstep.

Nigel gives Melissa a little grief for talking so much about being 29, like she's the Cloris Leachman of Dancing With the Stars, and if anything, it was the show that made a big deal about it, so you can't blame Melissa for carrying that on. Nigel says it wasn't one of the best routines of the night, so it will be interesting to see how the vote goes, because they're two of the favorites.

Jeanine dances a sexy solo to some Janet Jackson, throwing her head around, saucy hands on hips. But she's not being pushed hard by the judges to be the champ (like Brandon) so nobody makes any comments. And right away Evan launches into a fantastic flip to lead off his solo routine to Sammy Davis Jr., and maintains a high-level of energy throughout his Broadway routine.

Brandon says being in the top four would prove to himself that he's a good dancer, because he says he's not as confident as he seems to be. Interesting. Kayla says it would be "everything" to her to make the final four.

They're doing a Doriana Sanchez disco routine, and Doriano makes Brandon do some pushups when she finds out he didn't warm up with some. Doriana says it's going to be a fun, challenging routine.

A series of flips and then the splits for Brandon, getting things off to a flying start immediately. Brandon and Kayla shimmy and shake, and then he spanks her, and then he lifts her up on his shoulders, and then lifts her up she's doing the splits while her head is pointed down behind him. They each do a death drop. More lifts and twirls! And then she helps him into a backflip. They're out of breath when they finish.

Lil' C says being out of one's comfort zone represents unfamiliarity and darkness, and then he says you have to befriend the characteristics of your challenge. And you should see with your ears! And get between your pocket instruments, or ... anyway, it'd been a rather straightforward night for him, so that's all right. And he saw no darkness in them! He praises Kayla's groove and says they were great.

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