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Lil' C says he wishes moving was always that fun, because he'd relocate every day. He says they danced it better than he thought they would, and he praises Ade's dirty groove, and pulled Jeanine down into the depths of the dirt with him (which is good). He calls it "bucc."

Mary for some reason starts talking about the samba, because she forgot to tell Jeanine how well she danced through the whole thing because she was too focused on talking about technique. Which I have to say is usually not the case; she's usually too focused on a) screeching, b) waiting to trot out some cheesy line, or c) trying to pretend that she disliked something before screaming that she loved it. And then she screams about how much she liked it, and thinks everyone can relate to getting an eviction notice, like maybe Mary didn't pay the rent because she spent too much on Botox.

Nigel says this could have easily been a routine that could have been applauded, because it was such a good idea, as opposed to the dancers themselves. But "you got DOWN!" He says they did a great job and asks Jeanine if she thought at all about getting evicted, and both he and Mary talked about how easy it is to relate to this, because yeah, if I ever get evicted, the first thing I'm going to do is DANCE AROUND AND PUT DIRTY BOXES ON MY HEAD. He talks about Jeanine's ability to do different styles, and says Ade "finally went there" for him.

Brandon's solo routine is next. It's that melodramatic movie and/or beer commercial music! He does all the usual Brandon stuff. What can I say? He's really good. He does this scuttle thing across the floor that was something different. Like a four-legged spider. It was so good that Nigel can't resist putting in a plug for his favorite and calls it one of the best solos they've ever had on the show, even though none of the other dancers got comments after their routines.

Melissa's proud of herself for being the oldest person ever on this show, and hopes to make the finale, and Evan talks about how it's in their grasp.

They're doing the "dreaded quickstep" with Louis Van Amstel. Evan says Louis was tough on him today. Melissa admits to not completely trusting Evan as a partner. Louis was concerned about the height disparity (Evan being much taller), and that means Melissa is going to have to lean backwards a lot during the routine.

So new-swing sounds of the Brian Setzer Orchestra lead Evan and Melissa onto the stage, he's in a suit and she's in a formal dress. They waltz around the stage ... well, "waltz" is pretty much not it. They quickstep around the stage. They face each other and do some tap-dancy stuff and some Lindy hop, and Evan swings Melissa around the stage, a couple of inches off the floor, holding onto an arm and a leg. I thought they did a pretty good job.

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