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They're dancing a contemporary piece by Stacey Tookey, about the mistress of a married man, and she doesn't have the strength to leave him. Stacey calls it a really difficult routine, and Kayla seems to agree. She says it has to be really intense or else you're not really working for anything.

They're dancing to "All I Want" by the Ahn Trio, and Kayla sits on the edge of the stage in a short red dress, while Brandon approaches from the opposite side, taking off his tie (and Kayla soon rips the shirt off. Well, no wonder she doesn't have the strength to leave him!). It's a very melodramatic piece, with a lot of synchronization, pirouettes, an impossibly high scissor kick. He lifts her and holds her while she points her legs, together, towards the ceiling. The dance ends with Brandon in Kayla's starting spot.

Lil' C calls it intense and beyond amazing. He says Kayla's partners have always been at a disadvantage because she's such a beast (dance-wise), and this is the first time she's been evenly matched. Mary spends twenty minutes reassuring Brandon that he's on the hot tamale train, and then eventually thank God it's time for Nigel to talk who lists off all the crazy shit that's happened to women in routines, like addiction, alien impregnation, etc. And then he says they were brilliant.

Melissa comes out to dance some ballet to Nina Simone and it seems like she only got fifteen seconds because it goes by so fast. She's really graceful, and I enjoy watching her, because she's an inspiration to geriatrics everywhere. I mean, she took lessons when Truman was in the White House.

Hey, what boring question can we ask the dancers this week? How about, "What would it mean to make the finale?" Here's a hint: the answer is "awesome!"

God, is there a worse nickname out there than "Nappy Tabs"? Anyway, Jeanine and Ade are doing a hip-hop routine with Taboleon, that is about a couple being evicted from their apartment, so they respond by dancing around and kicking boxes. I suspect that rage may be a contributing factor in the eviction, actually.

So the dance begins with Ade and Jeanine swaggering around off-stage, and then there are all these boxes piled up on stage and someone has taped a sign that says "EVICTION NOTICE" on it, and I actually think it's nice that the landlord apparently packed for them. So they spin boxes around, and kick them, and do some patented Taboleon vanilla hip-hop, and Ade gets down on the ground and opens and closes his legs while Jeanine does a hopscotch routine over them. Then they step in the boxes and move around, and then put the boxes on their heads. They're not taking this eviction seriously at all!

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