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Kayla comes out for her solo routine of writhing and reaching and self-hugging and pirouetting, and it looks like the show's gotten rid of the countdown to silence the dingbats who love counting along with things out loud. I like that, but at least the dingbats let the dancers know it's time to get ready to wrap it up.

Melissa draws Evan's name out of the hat, and she says she's excited to work with him. Like the dancers are going to say anything else. Evan praises the work that Melissa has done, and says she's a great partner who complements whoever she's working with.

They're doing a Broadway number with Tyce Diorio. It's called "Get Me To The Church On Time," and Evan explains that he's a groom who's slept in and needs to ... well, it's right there in the title. Evan laments the fact that he's dancing with another married woman, and in this case he's actually marrying the married woman.

I guess it would difficult to dance in a full wedding dress, but Melissa looks like she's getting married at the Playboy mansion. Evan's in his boxer shorts and the alarm clock goes off and he and Melissa are spinning around the stage and doing the cheesy running in place thing, and it's a whole lot of leaps, and then a nervous walk down the aisle, with Evan taking time out for one last leap, and then they sit on the stage and someone throws confetti at them.

Lil' C says he was excited to see this, because he thought Evan would just dominate and "take the helm" but he just didn't. He says they danced it really well but they could have aimed for excellence. An explosion of excellence? Or just dominant excellence? He calls it an A but they should be going for A-pluses. Mary says this could be "get me to the finale on time," and she thought Evan was great, and she really thought Melissa came to life this time -- yes she did -- and was phenomenal. Nigel says he thinks Melissa has been inspirational for other dancers because they're seeing a lot of ballerinas audition for Season 6, but he praises the way she's adapted to the different dances that she's had to do. He thinks Evan brought a lot of personality to the dance and did a great job.

Ade's up for his solo, and he almost gets tangled up in his unbuttoned shirt. He makes me dizzy with his pirouettes and can bend his body like Gumby.

After the commercial break, Cat says, "Let's find who Kayla is going to be partnered with this week." I'm no psychic, but I'm guessing it's Brandon. Kayla says nice things about Brandon's partnering skills. Brandon's excited because Kayla's been on the hot tamale train the whole time. Like that is an actual thing.

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