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Cat congratulates the men, and points out Brandon's mother in the crowd, for the first time, and Brandon regrettably calls her "mommy."

Lil' C says it's been a "low-key fantasy" of his to get Brandon and Ade in the same routine. He loved the routine, praises Brandon's dedication. Ade's still "provin' it" for him, and he commends Evan for not getting swallowed by the "dominant excellence" of Brandon and Ade. Mary: "I JUST LOVED IT! YES I DID!" Nigel agrees with the other judges, but says Evan stood out because he hasn't attempted stuff like this, and thinks working with the three men must have been inspirational for Sonya, and thinks there's been a standard achieved that he doesn't think they could have performed in previous years.

Jeanine picked Ade's name out of the hate, and she says she was excited to work with him, and Ade says nice things about her too. They're doing a samba with Louis van Amstel. Ade says he knows that you "shake your hips really fast." Jeanine calls the routine "suggestive, but still classy." Ade says it "pushes the envelope."

And who better to soundtrack the samba than Lady Gaga? How about anyone? I think if you're going for "hot" as Louis Amstel is, then why choose music that gets played in crappy dance clubs for drunk people hoping to hook up? It's that beyond-ridiculous "disco stick" song, and the "stick" has to be censored. They should have just censored the whole song and played something good. As for the dance, Jeanine's already got the dark look down, although she's a little more sparkly than sultry. The twists and turns are really fast and there's lots of tight embracing, spins, leading each other around the floor. Some of the moves (coupled with the music) push it a little bit into disco territory. Ade lifts Jeanine, who faces outward and wraps her legs around his torso behind her, and then leans forward and then back up again, and nice move that we already saw in rehearsal. They need to stop doing that! It's like when a trailer gives away too much of a movie!

Mary says the first fifteen seconds of it was incredible, but then started to fall apart. She says Ade was hopping around the floor, and the samba is supposed to roll. Mary says to make it to the next round, they have to be "hot!" She has to yell even when she doesn't like something now! Lil' C starts by talking about how hot Jeanine looks, and then talks about smashing two universes to get an "explosion of excellence" and this fell short for him. He wanted them to get down, not "frolic." Nigel says Jeanine looked great and really "went for it," and wonders if it's easier for the guy because of how she looks, and then makes sure everyone knows this isn't a criticism of the routine, because we can't have that. Nigel advises Ade that he has to change his style a little bit when he's in different routines.

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