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Well, the stage is getting awfully depopulated. We're down to just the Top 6 dancers, and we're just one week away from the finale. Man, this show is the opposite of The Bachelorette, in that I hate when this show ends, as opposed to The Bachelorette, for which I literally have a happy face on the calendar for the day after a Bachelorette finale.

Anyway, Lil' C is sitting in at the judges' table, so get set for his pseudo-poetic/intellectual ramblings. Lil' C's like that cool guy you knew in high school or university, the guy who you thought was deep but what he said didn't actually make any sense. That said, I'll take Lil' C's meanderings over Mary Murphy's usual contribution, i.e., "YOU'RE ON THE TRAIN! WOO-WOO! AAAAAAAHHHHH!"

Cat asks if he'd like to "pontificate on the preferences of the population." Now she's just asking for it. Lil' C says he thinks the decisions have been appropriate for what the audience prefers. Well, since it's a vote, that makes sense. Mary says she was sorry to see Janette go, and urges viewers to think about a dancer's whole time on the show, going all the way back to the audition. Which I think means she's frustrated that the decision's out of her hands now. Nigel says some of the same stuff, and advises the dancers to let their personalities through, because he doesn't see the same standout dancer in seasons past (although this is still the best Top 20 ever, right?).

Then we watch some rehearsals of the group dance with Sonya. As always, I'm grateful she was able to get out of her shift at Thunderdome to be here.

She's working with the men, and she says they've really progressed this season. "This piece is really Willy Wonka-esque," Sonya tells them. Evan says he's "feelin'" the dark and abstract moves, and Ade walks us through a mechanical walking part that looks really cool even just in rehearsal. There is some dancing. Sonya thinks the piece will be unstoppable if they just "embrace their power."

And then, they dance, to the annoyingly named "She Wants Revenge", in purple and black checkered pants with swatchs of yellow, sleeveless black shirts with yellow bowties and silver Phantom of the Opera half-masks painted on. The mechanical walking is indeed fun to watch, as are the leaps and backward somersaults. There is some interlocking poses, and Evan being lifted and also leaping onto the back of Brandon and Ade. Synchronized backflips. I really enjoyed it.

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