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No, hang on. I'm not going to let it go. Nigel famously freaked out when there was a male-male ballroom couple in the auditions a couple seasons ago and had to be smacked around until he apologized. He's had plenty of opportunity to have guys dancing with guys, and when it's happened, it's usually been things like a hip-hop number (where both dancers are facing the audience and dancing in unison) or Russian (where it's just a challenge to see who can leap the highest). I don't think Nigel has been sitting at home between seasons wondering how he could get some two-man dancing on the show. In fact, I think if we had something approaching an even split between men and women, we wouldn't be seeing it this season either. Nigel hasn't earned my trust on this issue.

Right. Let's move on. Kent will be dancing with someone who isn't Billy. That's a shame, if only because they're so physically similar that it would presumably look really cool. They've got Stepping with Chuck Maldonado. Stepping looks a little like the hambone, and might be what they were doing in Stomp the Yard. Wikipedia backs me up on that. So there. Billy's hurt, so Twitch got dragooned into this. Here we go! Uh oh. We can't really hear the slaps and claps. That's a problem. Kent is trying really hard. We can't hear the stomps either. Man, what's the point if you can't hear it? This part where the dancers are grabbing their crotches is cute with Kent, but it would have twice as cute with Kent and Billy being the ones to do it. Well, let's see how it came across in person, since I don't think it was miked right for television. Adam does the usual praise for new dance forms. He says Kent killed it. Mia had no idea Kent had it in him and runs off a bunch of random adjectives which all have to be translated a couple of times before they make any sense. Then she says Kent is the one to beat. Look, at this point anyone who can make it to the finale without an injury is the one to beat. Kenny tells us that twelve years ago, he and Chuck Maldonado brought Stepping to the Olympic ceremonies. Nigel contradicts the storyline that it's the first time Stepping has been on the show, since he feels his "Five Guys Named Moe" routine qualified. Because Chuck helped on that routine. He says that he's tried for years to get Stepping on the show, and he sounds reasonably sincere about that. And how about a little praise for Twitch being able to step in at the last second? Because that was really good. Nigel, like me, is sad that we didn't get to see Kent and Billy together.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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