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Jose! His proud mother is as proud as a mother can be! His father (Jose Ruiz II, which means, if you really want to take away the kid's street cred, he's presumably Jose Ruiz III) is a little surprised that what he assumed would be a hobby ended up being his son's life. Jose dances to actual James Brown, rather than one of the four million songs that samples him.

Kent! Parents in Wapokaneta! Solo! Whirl! Reach! Kick! Spin! A cappella Boyz II Men! Using every part of the stage, which is nice to see. That felt really short.

Oh! And now the dancers will be dancing with each other. Robert and Lauren will be dancing, and Lauren names the pairing "Bobfro". It's cute, but it's no Twitchington. They'll be doing a samba beach party by Dmitry Chaplin. I don't know about you, but I think "...and then they flirt!" isn't really a storyline for a dance. I mean, they're usually crawling all over each other no matter what dance it is. They start down on the floor and move up the steps to the stage. I like that sort of thing, which is why I miss the big steps on the old stage. It's a lot of fun, which I think is because I'm enjoying the song. Hang on, I'm going to go back and find out what it is. Ah. "Drummer Boy (SYTYCD Remix)" by Debi Nova. Do with that information what you will. I think it's peppy and fun. I'm not sure Lauren gets to the floor as smoothly as she's supposed to, but she does a good job slinking up Robert's leg. I might also have seen a spot where they had trouble getting their hands to connect, but it's generally a lot of fun. They seem to enjoy themselves. Adam praises the crispness of Robert's lines and his partner connection, along with Lauren's attractions and footwork. He wants to call her the girl to beat, but all the other girls left already anyway. Mia thought Robert really looked like a samba dancer. Sure. But she thought Lauren shouldn't be in plié so much. Kenny points out that Dmitry had to not only choreograph the piece but also train the dancers for it. That's a good point. He also praises Robert's partnering. Nigel liked seeing parents talk about how proud they are of their children. He also liked both dancers, although he tells Lauren he's "sure people will attack you" for some technical deficiencies.

AdéChiké will now be dancing with Jose, with whom he has apparently "been cool since Vegas". Their name is "the East Coast Overdose". They've got a two-man Paso Doble by Dmitry Chaplin and his assistant ... Legacy?! Good for Legacy! Seriously, I love seeing that he's continuing to stretch in his career. There is some talk about how this will have two matadors, which is not the usual Paso lineup. Here it comes! And it is shirtless times two! There's a lot of cape twirling, which makes this feel more like rhythmic gymnastics. But I'll overlook it because at least we're not using "O Fortuna" this time. Look, this is just a big, sweaty shirtless pose-off. At one point it gets a little Pro Wrestling-y, but not enough to be really funny. It's crowd-pleasing, though. Adam loved how committed they both were, although he wanted more abandon from AdéChiké. Mia thought it was aesthetically very pleasing to look at, but could have used a little more poise to fill up the space around the choreography. More posing, in other words. Kenny thought it was a valiant effort. Nigel: "I agree with my diplomatic colleagues." Although he goes into more detail, saying that professional ballroom dancers, especially those from Spain, attack the moves more and show passion "that isn't just pulling a face". It's about the carriage, apparently. There's something about the cape-waving that just wasn't there. He does say that he loves that they're getting guys to dance together this year, and I'm just going to let that one go.

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