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AdéChiké's mother is proud of him. And she calls him Adé, if you were wondering if we need the full version of his name every time. He comes out for a solo that's choreographed and lasts longer than the results-show solos. It still doesn't last for a whole song or anything because there's no point getting silly.

Kent makes a big deal about not showing the camera that he drew Kathryn for a Sonya jazz number. Double Sonya! Her goal is for Kent to embrace his awesomeness. Kathryn says that they're rehearsing at 8 AM, and the sun outside the window backs her up on that. Apparently Sonya has energy. And so, in the routine, do Kent and Kathryn. The bounce around and stop where they're supposed to, and it looks pretty good to me. The audience shrieks its approval too. Adam shares an anecdote from Vegas that we didn't see on television, in which Kent gave a monologue about how including him on the show would make ratings go up. Mia, for some reason, steeples her fingers like an evil overlord as she criticizes Kent's goofy facial expressions. She admits that the dancing was great. Kenny loves the choreography, Gidget movies, Kent, Tyce's number with Kent, and Gene Kelly. Nigel thinks Kent might have outdanced his all-star this week and last week (when he had Neil). Sonya is standing up waving and then sits down and looks embarrassed when she notices she's on camera. Nigel promptly compliments Sonya on bother of her dances tonight.

Robert's parents also seem fond of him. His solo is very nice, especially if you like seeing people spin around. I'm assuming you do. Oh, and it's Robert's twentieth birthday today! Happy birthday, Robert.

Lauren has impressed her mother with her maturity, which is demonstrated by a shot of her high-fiving a kindergarten. Her father is also pleased. Her solo is also spinny, but with a bit more smiles at the audience. It's not a completely fixed, plastic smile, though, so I'll allow it. I mean, it's possible she actually does enjoy dancing.

AdéChiké has Comfort and Tabitha and Napoleon. This is a dance about someone who knows she should leave but can't. There's an awesome slow-motion slap in the rehearsal footage. Cat reminds us that it's "lyrical hip-hop," as though the Alicia Keys song didn't give it away. There's an actual suitcase on stage and AdéChiké is keeping Comfort from packing. When people say that Tabitha and Napoleon have a tendency to get literal, this is the sort of thing they're talking about. Comfort and Adé aren't perfectly in sync. At the end, she takes her suitcase and walks off the stage. After slapping him. I don't know if I approve of the introduction of physical violence into this show's dance routines. Adé and Comfort look quite overcome when they're done. Adam found it more like watching a movie than like watching dance, and he means it in a good way. Adé's crying a little. Mia thought it felt very real and came from a raw place. She loved it. Kenny loves "the permission and the know-how that the choreographers give to the dancers" and thought it was like if Wesley Snipes could dance. You figure it out. Nigel points out that it's a little weird that a happy couple like Tabitha and Napoleon keeps turning out good dances about unhappy couples, then he complains about the song, which he learned to hate back when he was on American Idol and everyone sang it badly. He praises AdéChiké's honesty. I still didn't care for it. Sorry.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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