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Jose has Allison, who I've really started to like this season. Probably because I didn't know her at all coming into the season. They've got Sonya, which: Yay! She says that dancing on the edge of the stage represents taking chances, and emphasizes to the dancers that they love each other. I've never noticed the "Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind Theme Song" before, but it's perfect for this sort of number. Sonya wasn't kidding about dancing on the edge of the stage; for most of the number, at least one of Jose and Allison is either sitting on the edge with their feet dangling off or pretending to be about to fall. It's unusual, is what it is. It even has a bit of action on the floor in front of the stage, but not to get in the judges' faces. As usual, Sonya is delighted to see her choreography danced so well. I continue to think Sonya is awesome. Adam can't critique the dancing, because it was so weird, so he compliments Jose's presence. I understand him this time. Mia liked the use of the edge of the stage, but calls the dance "pedestrian contemporary" rather than "professional contemporary". She feels that Sonya was wise to give Jose a dance filled with ordinary human gestures but would like to see more growth from Jose. Great critique, actually. Kenny loves Sonya, Sonya's use of the space, Allison, the all-stars, and the all-star format before telling Jose that he earned Allison's trust. Nigel liked Jose's commitment. He also works in a little "straighten your toes"-style commentary.

Robert. Lauren Gottlieb. A lot of "booty" talk. Tyce. Jazz. Tyce says that there's no story; they just have to seduce each other. And they're doing it to "Wasted Time" by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, which takes me back to my youth. There's a spot where Robert licks Lauren's leg. And another spot where they walk while leaning way back like the "Keep on Truckin'" guy. I have no idea what kind of picture of the dance that paints in your mind. It was okay. I didn't mind it. Adam says the dancers were smokin', but he doesn't say it in a Jim Carrey way. He heaps praise on Robert, although he wants Robert to do something more interesting with his hands when they're not being specifically choreographed for. Mia finds it refreshing to see a dance that's not loaded up with a story, and I think we can all get behind that. She complains about Robert jerking his head when he jumps. This round of judging is much better. Kenny loves Tyce, Lauren, Robert's bottom, the liquid movement, and the turmoil in the piece. Nigel mostly agrees with the other judges and then pervs on Lauren.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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