So You Think You Can Dance
Top 4: The Finale

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Top 4: The Finale

Now it's "down to you," America, Cat threatens. Vote good! Don't get it wrong!

Final thoughts: Nigel advises "America" to take into account not just tonight, but all season. Really? Isn't that different from how it usually works? Then he admits it would be nice to see a girl win, since that hasn't happened yet. It might be just me, but Neil looks like he can't believe Nigel just said that. Can't say I blame him for feeling a little bit handicapped here.

Mary says they all deserve a good night's sleep. "You have made it through one of the most grueling competitions and dance events of your life. You have been showcased, each one of you, tonight, and have been able to show your strengths, and I too feel that any one of you, I would be very happy and honoured to be the champion of the show." I guess the dancers aren't the only ones who need a good night's sleep. Dan talks about how they've all grown as performers and dancers, and then speaks on behalf of the choreographers about how it's been great to work with all of them.

Tomorrow: the top 20 are featured, there will be special guests, and Cat will be…dancing…with Nigel? It's like half my fantasy come true (and 100 percent true for Nigel).

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