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Top 4: The Finale

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Top 4: The Finale

We come back from commercial…oh, wait, Fox is sneakily sticking in a commercial for American Band and pretending it's part of tonight's broadcast. Fine. WE CAN WAIT.

Once that's done with, we watch Lacey and Neil rehearse the Lindy hop with Nick Williams, which looks to involve a crazy amount of lifts and flips. Did everyone dance the Lindy hop like this? Lacey says that she "falled a bunch of times [sic]."

They get dancing to "Bill's Bounce" by the Big Elliot Swing Orchestra. They leapfrog and lift and do the little shuck-and-jive moves that one does in the Lindy Hop. Neil looks like he's getting tired; he doesn't seem to be kicking and dancing with the same energy Lacey has. Fortunately, they're still able to pull off the three cool moves at the end, with Neil flipping Lacey from his back to his front, and then over to his back again and through his legs, and then flipping her ass over teakettle in front of him. They finish up with Lacey pointing at the camera, Neil pointing at the sky. If he'd pointed at the camera too, we might not have seen his pit stains.

Nigel praises how hard the dance is, especially in keeping the energy up all the way through it. He also says Lacey used her partner a whole lot better. Mary starts off praising, then nitpicks a little bit, and then goes back to praising them. Apparently they are on the hot tamale train, and then she shrieks. "I've never had a Mary scream!" squeals Lacey, genuinely excited. Dan thought the dance was awesome, and anyone who didn't enjoy it is just a boring person.

Sabra and Danny rehearse the cha-cha with Melanie la Patin. Sabra laments her and her partner's attention spans. Danny burbles about how he loves Sabra and she's super-cute. His opinion might have changed after she stepped on his feet. The rehearsal clips go on forever. Now Sabra is saying her plan is to have fun…zzzzzz.

They're dancing to "Gotta Get Done" by Celia Cruz (it may be important to note that it's the "Spanglish remix"). Sabra's in a hot pink backless dress with a flower in her hair. She looks great. Danny's in a sleeveless white shirt and black paints. And then there are strobe lights -- just enough so that any epileptics watching the show are in the hospital right now.

Nigel says it's a shame they haven't partnered before, since they work so well together. "This was about your personalities and your performance, and that was superb, as usual." He suggests Sabra look at taking up ballroom and Latin work. He then complains that Danny is "too tall." Mary says initially the weight wasn't forward enough, but about halfway through, they started to relax and show off their personalities. "So you really nailed it by the time you got to the end for me." Dan says he was "a little…'okay'" in the beginning, and then they turned it on halfway through.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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