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Top 4: The Finale

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Top 4: The Finale

Next up: Danny and Neil dancing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine. She has a couple of thrones set up in the studio, and explains that two princes will be battling for the throne. "And two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!" she says, giggling. Danny says the dance is very realistic, since they actually are vying for the title. This dance will be very aggressive, with a lot of throws and lifts. Neil talks about how Nigel's always looking for masculine dancing, so this is it. The rehearsal clips go on forever, with Danny and Neil both mock-boxing the camera and calling each other out like combatants do in professional wrestling, which, come to think of it, is possibly the only physical activity gayer than we know this is going to be.

"Are You the One" by the Presets is the music, and Danny and Neil twitch in their thrones, before standing up and using their sceptres as swords. Then Neil sits down in his throne while Danny pirouettes endlessly. Then Danny sits down while Neil does some Charlie Chaplin moves. Then the sceptres get thrown away, and the two of them get into the throws and lifts. It's okay, if not quite the testosterone fest Mary seems to think it is.

Nigel loved it, says it was very masculine. Mary also loved it. "It was so believable," she says. There's that word again. What about this are we supposed to believe? That they were actually fighting by hopping around and pirouetting? Is this what dance teachers and judges think fighting is? Dan's also a fan, saying they were "throwing down."

Final sit-down interview with Sabra. She was born in the Netherlands, and then moved to Germany, where she lived for eight years, before coming to the States. Cat asks her what has stood out for her. Sabra singles out Wade's choreography, which I buy, but then immediately talks about the annoying peace routine that everyone did. We revisit Dominic's tendency to drop Sabra, which manifested itself scarily during a group dance number. We watch a clip of Sabra jumping into a lift with her legs on Dominic's shoulders, and he didn't catch her well enough to stop her head from hitting the floor with a hard thud.

Sabra's dancing solo to "Wonderful World" by James Morrison. She spins and tumbles and does a bunch of things that we won't remember tomorrow. She did them well and all, but yawn.

Nigel praises the wonderful energy she has. "You have everything it takes to be the champion of the show," says Mary, who effusively praises her, especially the fact that she's only been dancing for four years. Dan says that he hadn't been all that impressed before, and actually thought Dominic was carrying her in the partnership, but he's totally come around. Then Cat asks Sabra about the camaraderie between the final four. You're never going to believe this, but they all get along great!

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