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Top 4: The Finale

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Top 4: The Finale

"Koyal (Songbird)" by Nitin Sawhney is the song for the routine. Sabra's curled up on the stage. Sleeping, I suppose. Lacey comes dancing out, with some red fabric in her mouth. I get the distinct impression that Wade Robson has no idea what a fox actually is. I believe he thinks a fox is some type of bird, or possibly a burglar. Normally, I love Wade's stuff; this is just weird.

Nigel calls it "extraordinary." "Thank goodness he told us they were two little foxes," he says, adding that Lacey could have been a "velociraptor" coming around the corner. He says he didn't get it, and finds it difficult to judge the dancers, with that routine. He's not sure this was the right time for Wade (whom Nigel says is one of his favourite choreographers) to experiment. In the audience, Wade makes a "fair enough" face. Mary says pretty much the same thing, with the predictable bonus of finding her own remarks hilarious. Dan says that there are going to be people who loved that and people who hated it. Sure enough, people cheer. As though the people cheering aren't just already automatically Sabra or Lacey fans and will cheer them no matter what. Seriously, does anyone really think the audience hasn't made up its mind by this point? Like if they dance a difficult experimental piece, we're going to see confused girls in the audience ripping up their Sabra and Lacey signs?

Cat sits down with Danny, and asks about Denise Wall, who is Danny's adopted mom and is also Travis Wall's mom (Travis was a competitor last season). He talks about being scared when he saw how many people were auditioning. His best routine? The samba he did with Lacey. We flash back to Shane saying putting him through would be a mistake, and Adam talking about Danny's so-called "arrogance." Danny says he's been misunderstood.

Danny's dancing solo, to "We Are The Champions" by Gavin DeGraw. Danny's his usual amazing dancing self. Travis and Denise applaud (as does Benji! Uh-oh! Did Lacey see that?). The judges all stand and applaud. Nigel says Blake (at times) and Danny are the two best dancers they've ever had on this show, and adds that every young man watching the show should aspire to be as good as Danny. Mary calls him "crazy" and then laughs and shrieks. I keep telling myself that after tomorrow, I don't have to hear her talk anymore. It's like a prisoner marking off the days on his cell wall. Dan also loved him, and asks what's in the water at his mom's studio. Cat asks Danny what he's learned. "I've learned that I really do love to dance," is his answer.

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