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Top 4: The Finale

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Top 4: The Finale

Mary says they did a fine job, and really made it look effortless, and then she gives them a standing ovation. Hey, beats another shriek.

Nigel asks if Lacey considered the possibility of knocking Danny in the goolies on purpose, and taking him out of the competition. Lacey laughs a little too heartily, if you ask me. Everyone laughs for about five hours over nothing. I wasn't really looking for ways in which watching So You Think You Can Dance is like watching Fox's bonehead crew of Sunday morning football analysts, but here we are. I can even picture Terry Bradshaw sitting there guffawing.

Cat asks for a little decorum from Dan, who says all the judges thought he'd be in the final four, so I guess that he missed Shane calling it a mistake to put Danny through. Or Adam Shankman's Crusade Against Perceived Arrogance. Dan also has high praise for Lacey. "The two of you aren't even fair," he says.

Now Cat is sitting down with Neil. Let me guess: he likes to crack jokes. Started dancing when he was five. Did gymnastics. He auditioned because he thought it might be something fun to do, and didn't really prepare a solo. But did well anyway. He calls Wade's angel-and-devil piece his best week. Worst performance? The salsa and the tango, he says, although he's careful to say that he did every dance the best he could. "What about the screaming girls?" asks Cat. Am I nuts, or is she a little jealous? Neil is wise to be really happy about the screaming girls. Smart boy. They'd vote for him even if he did some country line-dancing, just as long as he doesn't pop their fantasies of marrying him someday.

Neil's solo: "Gravity" by Shawn MacDonald. Flips and kicks and twinkletoes and pirouettes. Boooo-ring.

Nigel says Neil's finally learned that dancing's not just about doing tricks, and reasserts what he said about Neil peaking at just the right time. Mary talks about how she wasn't sure about him, but he got better and better, and then I fell asleep. Dan calls him "dynamic" and says he gives it his all and is "phenomenal."

Sabra and Lacey are about to do a Wade Robson routine. "This routine is about a mother fox and her baby fox," says Wade. Finally! Lacey's the mother and Sabra's the baby. I have a headache just thinking about it. Lacey says that being a mother fox is a lot harder than she thought it would be. So she'd thought before about being a mother fox? Lacey then talks in a baby voice, which really ought to be grounds for disqualification.

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