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Top 4: The Finale

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Top 4: The Finale

Mary calls them "the fab four," and says they were tremendous. "You're all equally good." Is that really true? "You're all in it together," she says, and a whole lot of other nonsense. Dan marvels that they dance so well with each other, what with them competing with each other. Then he advises them to give everything they've got. Really? For the finale, Dan? Anyone mind if I just put the judges on mute for the rest of the finale?

Back from a commercial break so long that the same Subway commercial was broadcast once at the beginning and again towards the end, Cat introduces a segment in which she has a sit-down interview with each of the final four.

Lacey goes first, and her interview is a rundown of all the times that she either resisted dancing, and or quit dancing. She says she got back into it last year after she watched her brother Benji win. We see a clip of her in the audience at Benji's win. She says the high point of her season so far was the samba she did with Danny. The low point was her solo a couple of weeks ago, because she kept forgetting what she was supposed to do.

And she's dancing a solo now, to the always-fantastic Daft Punk's "Technologic." To me, it's indistinguishable from the routine that she just called her low point of the season, except for a little part where she does some robot. She finishes by falling backward off the stage, caught by some fauxhawked dudes on the side.

Cat asks if her catchers knew they were going to have to do that. "I sure do hope so!" she says, whatever that means. Nigel jokes that the other dancers could have paid those guys to drop her. "I'm sure they wanted to," says Lacey. Hmmm. Everyone's out to get you! Nigel says she's fantastic, but there are times when he doesn't always believe her performance. Me too. Every time. He blames her ballroom training for making her think that she's got to paste on a smile. He tells her she should just enjoy it. That sounds kind of funny, considering how we just heard her talk about how she didn't want to dance, and quit a couple of times because she didn't like performing.

Mary blathers on about how she was better prepared, and had a plan. "Is it the best solo of this show? No, it's still not." Then she raves about how when Lacey's dancing with a partner, she's always outstanding. Well, except for the dance JUST BEFORE THIS ONE, in which the judges said she needed to work with her partner more.

Dan calls Lacey a "smart dancer," in that she knows how to work the crowd, and cameras and judges. There's an understatement. "You are pure entertainment," he says. Cat asks her about the hardest aspect, and she starts talking about how much rehearsing they do, and how injured everyone is, and how sick, and then I think she kind of catches herself and realizes she doesn't want to be whinging about the dancing on a dance competition, and says, "It's amazing and I couldn't ask for more." Then she points at Adam Shankman in the audience, and he giggles.

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