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Top 4: The Finale

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Top 4: The Finale

Now we're back to Nigel, who's talking some more shit about talent onstage, and talented choreographers (cut to a shot of choreographers in the audience, applauding themselves).

It's not just the season finale; it's also a clip show! We see auditions, people (the final four, anyway) receiving their plane tickets, group auditions. Lacey says "shut the front door!" which I can't believe I forgot about. I'm not sure the clip of Mary screeching was strictly, what's the word I'm looking for -- necessary.

Back from the first of many commercial breaks, Cat announces that all four dancers are going to be doing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. Get ready: this show will feature endless clips of rehearsal, all of which are about people talking about how much they love each other, how wacky everyone is, and how much fun they're having, and how they hope they can pull everything together. Kind of like Saturday Night Live opening monologues, but with more jazz hands.

Tyce goes sliding across the studio on a chair as the top four come in, and then they all play leapfrog, and then Tyce sings "Congratulations" in an Opera Man voice, and this is where you know it's going to be kind of a long night. In an interview, Tyce says it's a dream that he's working with the top four, and promises that his routine is going to be slick and sophisticated. Lacey makes up the word "amazinger." Tyce says nice things about each of the top four. At some point, Neil says, "This is the top four I would have wished for." Aw, isn't that nice. At least until some of his former partners in the Top 10 freeze him out when they go on tour.

So the song chosen is Liza Minnelli song from Cabaret ("Mein Herr"). Bold choice, I like that. Who but really hardcore Broadway aficionados have even heard of Liza Minnelli and Cabaret? It features the final four dancing with chairs, shoulder shrugging, high kicks and Neil taking Lacey from behind. Danny and Neil do some flips. The four of them go dancing in to the audience and end up draped all over the judges' table. I don't know if it's good or not. I hate this kind of dancing. The only thing I like about routines like this is that I'm reminded that, of all the things I'd like to do when I visit New York someday, taking in a Broadway show isn't one of them.

Nigel says he wanted to see Lacey work with her partner a little more. Lacey looks confused. This is because she thinks the camera is her partner. Nigel says Danny has made remarkable strides. Translation: we were wrong about Danny in the beginning, but instead of admitting that, we'll talk about how much he's improved. Sabra? Nigel adores her. Neil? Nigel thinks he's peaking at just the right time. I agree with that. He also points out that anyone of them could win, but makes sure to remind everyone that they won't be America's best dancer, but America's favourite dancer. Which is certainly true, but seems like kind of dick thing to say all the same. "You might not be the best, but you'll be the ones people like best."

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