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Top 4: The Finale

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Top 4: The Finale

"This is it," says Cat Deeley. Except for tomorrow. She's bedecked in sparkly gold. Here are you girls, and here are you guys. That bit doesn't look quite as cool now there's only two of each.

"Deciding who to vote for is not going to be easy," says Cat. Fortunately, everybody's going to be dancing with everyone else, in addition to doing solos. This is what happens when you have two hours devoted to four dancers.

Dan Karaty's joining Mary and Nigel, just like he did at the beginning of the season, "all those weeks ago," says Cat. Who can remember back that far? Milk was only $3.50 a gallon. Hard to believe, right? I love looking at old newspaper ads from several weeks ago, with their crazy prices, and movies that are going to be on DVD in just a few more weeks. It's like a time capsule!

Nigel talks about how this year's auditions were the strongest they've seen. Having not seen the previous two seasons, I have no reason to doubt him, but I am skeptical of reality show judges who parrot the "best season ever!" line every season. Which is all of them. He also brings up auditionee Sex, hoping the guy doesn't show up again. Of course, by mentioning him, Nigel's basically asking for it to happen again. Oh, and I know nothing could be better than this season, but Nigel suspects next season will be. Look for that to be confirmed on the very first episode of Season Four.

Then Cat praises how great Mary looks again tonight with her diamonds and whatnot, and then says she always look like she's having so much fun. Lord knows I'm no fashion maven, but I think if someone is complimenting your fashion choices by saying, "You always look like you're having so much fun," I don't know that it's the strongest compliment ever. I have (well, had) an Ocean Pacific shirt that I thought was fun. Turns out, it's not really appropriate for work (it was nicknamed "the Navajo shirt" by the staff). Thing is, I had to get married to learn this. Anyway, I'm sure Cat's not talking so much about Mary's "fun" fashion, so much as how she always seems like she's totally high. Predictably, this results in Mary screeching, and then calling Nigel an "English muffin" when he "jokingly" complains about no longer having eardrums.

Dan was at the New York auditions, Cat reminds him, and us, and asks him if he's surprised that three of the four finalists came from those auditions. Also not a surprise: Dan not saying that he was absolutely surprised, given how much New York blows. He talks about the talent that's there. You rule, New York!

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