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Kent gets Disco and Doriana Sanchez and (good news, at last) Courtney Galiano. Doriana notes that Kent is so young, he has no reference points to disco dancing. Um, Doriana, NO ONE on this show does besides Nigel. But still, we get a semi-cute segment where Kent is quizzed on elements of disco (he thinks Studio 54 was a rehearsal space, though he's able to sing a few bars of "Hot Stuff"). On stage, Courtney's outfit/hair is astounding -- give this girl a movie, now -- and the dancing is fun and fast. These two are really well-matched. The highlight of the routine is an insane airplane spin that I worried might carry them both clear offstage. Nigel gets Kent to admit Doriana took some of the lifts out of the routine because they were too hard for Kent to do. I suppose it's a gray area as to whether the choreographers should be covering for the contestants like this, but so long as the judges are calling out the resulting routines for being too easy, I'm fine with it. Tyce says it was "just good," Mia says it was Kent's worst this season and went too far into the childlike sections of the Kent spectrum. Adam agrees with Mia, to the boos of many, including an engagement-breaking Nigel. After Kent's at-home video package, Cat basically gives him an open mic and an opportunity to ramble, and ramble he does! At the end of which, Cat makes a crack about Kent running for President, and Kent actually looks abashed. I think he whispers to Cat about whether he sounded like an idiot. Aw. I kind of loved that moment. It's exhausting keeping up with the schedule of being Kent all day.

Lauren's second routine is with all-star Ade on a Sean Cheesman jazz dance. Lauren's supposed to be a black widow of some kind, and she's wearing what appears to be a full-body hair net. So... hair net or not, the performance is one big WOW. Athletic and precise -- it's reminiscent of Sonya's work but with more humanity. Some great hand-choreography gets highlighted, and there's this insane lift in the middle where Ade takes Lauren's arms, she flips upside down, her feet on his shoulders, and he pulls her up above his head. Amazing. Ade is such a secret weapon! Seriously, though, this is sleek and sharp -- a routine just waiting for a music video. Nigel loved how Lauren did a lot of masculine work but remained feminine, Tyce offers snaps (siiigh) and just sounds incredibly insincere, as per uzh.

Adechike pulls Kathryn and a contemporary routine choreographed by his personal dance heroes Dwight Rohden and Desmond Richardson. They plan to include some jazz and a bit of hip-hop in the routine as well, all in the hopes of featuring Adechike to his fullest. The routine -- set to Melissa Etheridge's "Fearless -- calls for something bigger and more unhinged than Adechike is able to deliver right now. But he comes damn close, and Kathryn really works to make him look good. Nigel notes that he lost steam towards the end, and Mia doesn't back down from her critical stance, saying that he's moving in the right direction, but she still wants more. After Adechike's heart-wrenching video package, he gives a tearful speech of thanks. He really is pretty awesome, even if he is outmatched at this point.

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