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Adechike draws a Sean Cheesman African jazz routine with all-star Lauren (!), who enthuses about how far Adechike has come out of his shell since they last performed together. That's sweet and very genuine. The dance itself looks pretty impressive. My focus is constantly pulled to Lauren, but I can't exactly blame Adechike for that. Still, there remains a tightness in Adechike, about the shoulders and such, that keeps him from dancing with appropriate abandon. And in fact, the judges pick up on this very thing, with Nigel and Mia noting the tightness. Mia didn't care for the performance at all, though Nigel ultimately says he did. Tyce, because he has to take up some time, is all "You gotta lay it down!" (He also takes a moment to say he loves Lauren, which: o...kay? She's worked with you for several years, this isn't exactly news.) The overall verdict for Adechike is that this routine was lacking.

Robert and Anya will be dancing a Viennese waltz, choreographed by Jonathan Roberts. There's a bit in the rehearsal about how Robert's done quite a bit of ballroom this season, and while I took it as kind of a backhanded "Yeah, Rob's not so great at ballroom" acknowledgment, after the upcoming judging, I'm beginning to doubt that. The routine -- okay, first of all, it's set to "Lost" by Anouk, which, I thought we had gone over this: this song belongs to Courtney and Gev now. It's off limits. Don't make me have to tell anyone again. So here's my thing with Robert and ballroom: I think he's pretty terrible at it. He doesn't handle his height well, he looks awkward, in this case he struggles mightily on a lift, and sometimes it felt like Anya had to lead. And yet the judges ... it's like they were watching something else entirely. They loved it! "Superbly danced!" says Nigel! Mia flips for it! Adam calls it "brilliant"! At least Tyce's "Invest the max" is the usual bullshit he'd say to anybody. Nigel even calls attention to that awful lift and praises it! I don't understand. And you know Robert is my favorite, so this isn't bias. I just think everybody's gone crazy. At the end, Adam mentions that Robert is on a "little surge" in a way that sounds like he's referring to vote totals. Could Robert have finally caught on with the plebes just in time?

By the way, each dancer is getting a clip package from before their initial auditions. Lauren's wasn't really that interesting. Robert reveals that he's roommates with last season's (uninspiring) Channing. Huh. He also gets Cat to dance a little Batusi-lite shimmy, which is adorable. I honestly don't know how she does it. How can she enthuse about being squeezed up against Robert and not make it sound a bit pervy? The woman has a gift.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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