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The Word For the Night is "Chemistry"

There's no time for any conferring. Nigel says that dancers will be judged on everything they know about them, not just the solo tonight. The bottom four are Ariana, Brandon, Pauline, and Russell. What? Russell? That's crazy. It also seems a little tough on Brandon, who just got here. Well, solos after the break!

Boy, there's a lot going on in this show, isn't there? There's a remarkably small amount of filler.

Ariana's solo is to "Darkest Hour" by Charlotte Martin. It involves spins and jumps and spinning jumps. Cat has to do some stage management: "Let's hear it for her; it's Ariana, everybody! (thank you, sweetie, go and wait over there) Now, showing the judges what he can do, it's Russell!" Russell krumps to "Give the Drummer Sum" by Black Milk. It's cool as hell and I could watch a lot more of it.

Pauline's solo is to "Magalenha" by Sergio Mendes. It's very hip-based. Finally Brandon gets his tiny moment in the spotlight to "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer. I like it, but that's possibly because I feel like he's doomed because he's up against Russell and I feel sorry for him for getting on the show for one episode. So it feels kind of melancholy to me.

Cat sends the judges off to confer. Commercials air and I fast-forward past them. Welcome back! Cat says "hopefully they've made up their minds", which sounds like she's a little skeptical. Nigel says that the judges are unanimous and that both Pauline and Ariana are amazing just to have made it to the Top 20. He praises Pauline's charisma and asks for more passion. Ariana gets sent home and told she needs more charisma and love in her eyes.

Cat tries to get Pauline off the stage, but she's busy hugging Ariana. After Ariana clears the stage, we see a package of Ariana's best moments in the competition, which are all from the Vegas episodes. Ariana says that just being there is amazing and she wouldn't change anything.

Now it's time for Russell and Brandon. Nigel says that the judges were unanimous and has Russell step forward. He urges him to keep learning other styles. Brandon steps forward and is sent home. Man, that poor kid. Nigel explains that he didn't make the original Top 20 because they thought he needed to smooth out the rough edges. The rules of the show are that once you make the Top 20, you can't reenter the competition, but Nigel's going to talk to FOX and the producers to try to get that rule changed so that Brandon can enter again in a later season. Brandon's package includes a shot where he's getting out of a van saying "I just watched myself last night get cut, and now I'm back. It's like a second chance and I'm gonna make the best out of this opportunity." I like him, based on the short time I've gotten to see him. He seems to be in a pretty good mood. On the danceout, Brandon gets some hugs. The end!

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