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The Word For the Night is "Chemistry"

Kathryn (from Georgia, likes being outside) and Legacy (street performer) are doing a Dave Scott hip hop number. It's a humorous number where they have to look like they don't understand why their bodies are doing these things. Cat promises that it will be "really old school". Ah, because they're dressed as cavemen. Cute.

They dance to Missy Elliott's "On & On". It starts with some lice-picking and Legacy in particular hits really hard and stays in character well. I think Kathryn might be doing too much mugging for the audience. Some of Legacy's fancy balancing moves are worked in, which is perfectly understandable. The dance ends with Kathryn clocking Legacy with he elbow, knocking him out, and picking lice off him. It's a classic story. Adam points out that this isn't really in either of their styles, since Legacy's thing isn't really choreographed numbers. He praises the chemistry. Then Mary shrieks for awhile, and I'm sure all the dogs that are watching will be enjoying whatever these shrill noises mean. I think she's trying to say that she liked it. Nigel describes it as a "hip hop version of Quest for Fire". You know, Rae Dawn Chong was in both Quest for Fire and Beat Street. I'm just saying.

Our last couple is and Nathan (played piano and trumpet as a small child) and Mollee (claims to be a goofball), who will do a Doriana Sanchez disco routine that Mollee thinks is inspired by Mexican wrestling.

The music is some remix of Gloria Estefan's "Turn the Beat Around". Seriously, she would like the beat turned around. She's very clear about it. You can tell it's disco because Nathan is in a white jumpsuit. And because the background is much crazier and active than it's been all night. The Mexican wrestling element is just because Mollee does a few Hurricanranas on Nathan. They look exhausted when they're done. Adam calls them adorable and is impressed at how they got away with some of those lifts. He admits that he thinks of disco as "social dancing", not "competitive", but he did like that routine. Mary praises the kids' charisma and calls them the "dream team". Nigel blathers about how great disco is. Whatever, grandpa.

Now we watch the night's performances again. This is where we'd be seeing phone numbers, except that America doesn't get to decide tonight. Hear that, America? Nigel Lythgoe hates your democracy! And he blames the World Series! I bet he hates apple pie and mothers, too.

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