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The Word For the Night is "Chemistry"

So Noelle's injured, which means that Russell will be dancing with Melanie to "Vagabond Shoes" by Vic Damone. Look, I'm no ballroom expert, but I think Russell nails it. He moves with confidence and style and grace. Melanie blows Russell a kiss and gets off the stage. Adam is amazed by Russell, and Cat tells him not to put Russell in a box. Yeah! No box! Adam uses words like "effortless" and "beautiful". Mary, who is a ballroom expert uses words like "respectable" and "cool". She has some specific things for him to work on, which is nice because it keeps her from shouting. Nigel says that Russell is an example of why dance needs to be taught in schools. He has a couple of complaints about Russell's technique, but he liked the overall lines.

Our next pairing is Bianca (who moved from Detroit to Los Angeles to dance, and has a tiny dog) and Victor (who dances entertainingly), who will be doing Travis Wall contemporary. The story involves Victor ignoring Bianca while she throws herself at him.

The music is "Wasted Time" by Me'Shell Ndegeocello. Incidentally, the backdrop is much less distracting than it was yesterday. Bianca throws herself into the dance, and there are some interesting spots where the dancers are intertwined in unusual ways. Like when Victor is on his hands and knees and Bianca's standing on his back. Adam brags about how great Travis is and tells Bianca she did very good for being out of her element. She should drop her shoulders, apparently. And she needs a long neck and better toes. Victor, on the other hand, is amazing and brilliant. Mary is happy that Bianca finally made it to the Top 20 and likes her passion and chemistry. Also, Victor is great. Nigel felt that the connection between the partners was the best so far tonight.

Karen came from Venezuela when she was eight years old, which kind of overshadows all these other "I went from Place X to Place Y to follow my dream!" stories, and she's paired with Kevin, who's also a model. Tony and Meredith are back with a cha-cha. They figure that Karen will be fine, but Kevin might have trouble. Let's find out!

They are dancing to "Push It" -- the Glee cast version. This, um, isn't traditional cha-cha music, is it? Also, nice use of FOX cross-promotion there. The dancing seems fine to me, but maybe a little slow. Adam gives Karen a "yikes!" but I think he means it in a good way. He couldn't take his eyes of Karen's sexiness, which even he thinks is atypical for a gay man. Although he doesn't say "gay", because God forbid we allude to that on a freakin' dancing show. He didn't like the last lift sequence, which he felt was "a little self-conscious". Mary loved everything about Karen's performance. She is on the Hot Tamale Train. Kevin needs more leg action to get on the train. More shrieking, and I think I thought of another thing the sound guys on this show probably hate. Nigel thinks Kevin danced "very well indeed". Then he gets down to the important task of heaping praise on Karen.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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