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The next pairing is Ashleigh (Mrs. Ryan, who had a back injury once) and Jakob (from a tiny town in Florida, which he left for New York pretty much as soon as possible). They'll be doing a Tyce Diorio "sultry Broadway" routine. Jakob is mildly worried about sexing up Ashleigh when her husband is right there. They're dancing to "Hit Me With a Hot Note (And Watch Me Bounce)" from the Sophisticated Ladies soundtrack. I hate to say, I like this more than the usual Broadway routines on this show, possibly because I could imagine actually seeing it as part of a show. Jakob does some very impressive jumping and flipping. It's a trifle distracting that Ashleigh appears to be about twice his age. Adam starts by praising Tyce's choreography and then starts babbling about how amazing Jakob is. He recommends that Ashleigh reach with her hands, rather than just opening them. Mary calls it phenomenal, sexy, and sultry. And "perfect". Nigel gives Ashleigh some measured praise and then calls Jakob "one of the most gifted dancers we've ever had". Then he changes the subject to what a shame it is that Billy Bell isn't here. He appears to believe that Ashleigh will be riding Jakob's coattails.

Next up! Ariana (seen here on a tractor) and Peter (an Italian from Philadelphia, which presumably means that he's welcoming the chance to watch the World Series over the next week) will be dancing a hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon (wearing silly hats). They're playing emotionless robots who become overwhelmed by sexy thoughts.

The music is "Black & Gold" by Sam Sparro and the dance is mildly robotic at first. Then it gets more frenetic, but not all that interesting. Frankly, I was kind of distracted by Ariana's shiny gold pants. Adam objects to the way they weren't dancing the same way. He squeezes in a shout-out to Taboleon, then gets back to complaining about the dance they choreographed. Mary thought it should have been more Bucc and less sloppy. Nigel points out that as a contemporary dancer and a tap dancer, they were both working out of their genre. He was disappointed in them.

Now, Russell (awesome krumper who considers himself a good role model) and Noelle (the tragically injured, who apparently says "y'all" a lot). They've got a foxtrot by Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin. Noelle cheerfully says that for all she knew, a foxtrot could have involved imitating an actual fox. And there's obviously some worry about a krumper learning the foxtrot.

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