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Nigel announces that after deliberation, the judges have decided that they do NOT need to see these six dance again. So no solos, which I'm finding to be more of a bummer than I'd expected. (Also: please don't pretend that this was anything but a time concern, Nigel.)

Before the awful judgment is rained down on four of the six, we get an extended preview for Step Up: Revolution. I'm more forgiving of this crass commercialism in this context because a) so many SYTYCD alumni are in the movie, it feels more like a high school reunion than anything else, and b) the Step Up movies are awesome and deserve all the promotion they can get. Cat is adorable in reacting to both the footage from the movie and the group routine that follows. She's so proud of her babies! We see Twitch, Tony Bellisimo (remember him? No, you don't), Philip Chbeeb, and especially Kathryn McCormick, who nabbed the female lead in the movie. I STILL say Lauren Gottlieb should have starred in one of those movies by now, but I adore Kathryn so good for her. (The less said about Adam's attempt to dance along with the routine from the judges' table, the better, frankly.)

After the final break, we see the six at-risk dancers, and the looks on their faces. Nick and Janaya look utterly resigned to their fate (if the judges can only save one boy and one girl, they know full well they're too low on that totem pole). Alexa looks shattered; the system has finally broken her. Daniel, as always, looks inscrutable, which is kind of the whole problem with him. Nigel takes forever and a day to talk about how the judges and America combine to make this decision. And while I do find it interesting that Nigel and Mary can use this week-long lead time to deliberate with the choreographers as well as their third judge to come to their decision, I don't need Nigel to explain the semantics between "voting someone off" and America voting FOR their favorites. We get it, Nigel. Nobody hates the dancers about to go home; it's an uncommonly strong Top 20. Get to it, so we can all have a good cry.

Nigel announces that the girl they're saving is: Witney. Not a surprise. NO "H," AMERICA! GET IT RIGHT. For the guys, I'm slightly less sure whether they'll keep Daniel or Chehon, but I am relieved when Nigel saves Chehon. C-H-E-H-O-N! Make it happen! The biggest tragedy of this cramped running time is that we get no goodbye video package for the eliminated dancers. Let's hope that the weeks with fewer dancers and less need to promote feature-film efforts will allow those videos to return because how else am I going to fully get my emotions out?? We don't even have time to watch the dancers crowd around their friends and hug and cry! Time is so fleeting...

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