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Alexa and Daniel: Contemporary (Dee Casparay)
The prop for THIS one is a bathtub, which Casparay says "represents the water drowning the words." Awesome. Also, Alexa says connecting with Daniel is important so file that away. They're way nakeder than last week, which is an improvement. They're gorgeous, but I have to admit, I get no heat here. Adam certainly notices the lack of chemistry. This, I think, was a bad pairing from the start. The ballet guy isn't going to be the one to meet "chilly" Alexa halfway. The consensus is that the execution was flawless, but something was missing, and oh no, Alexa's getting that look on her face again! But just look at them standing next to each other. Stiff as a board!

George and Tiffany: Foxtrot (Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin)
I have to be honest, it still takes me a while to remember Tiffany's name, despite the fact that she's with George -- good ol' Babyteeth! -- who is one of my favorites this season. It's too bad because these two make a fantastic pair, and their foxtrot is elegant and flawless. It's a tough dance to pull, because it's like twice as difficult as something like the waltz, but I'm not sure if that's reflected in the audience interest. It so resists any kind of modern updating. But whatever, Mary says they nailed it, and Nigel and Adam rave about it too. Ooh, okay, there's a bit of Jessalyn Gilsig in Tiffany's face, maybe that will help me remember her. Couldn't hurt.

Chehon and Witney: Bollywood (Nakul Dev Mahajan)
God, how perfect is Chehon for Bollywood anyway? He just has the posture for it. No worries like last week about Witney outshining him -- if anything, this week he's the dominant dancer. But really, they both nail it, delivering a routine that's fast, precise, and a lot of fun. Adam notes that this was the first time he saw joy on Chehon's face in the competition. Nigel mentions a style I have neither heard of nor he explains very well, but Witney says she watched a lot of it on YouTube to prepare. I love that kind of a tidbit, because you expect that the dancers might do something like that, but their off-stage lives are usually kept out of the show.

After reading off Chehon and Witney's numbers, Cat calls everybody back to the stage. Time to reveal which three girls and three guys got the lowest votes last week. The great thing about having no results show is that there's no time to turn this into some kind of long, drawn-out procedure. The terrible thing about having no results show is that there's no time to turn this into some kind of long, drawn-out procedure. I made fun of the padding and bloat in results shows as much as anyone, but I never really noticed how Cat's dramatic pauses and two-by-two whittling down gave the dancers time to mentally prepare for their fate. Not so this time: Cat calls out Janaya, Alexa, and Witney from the girls, and Nick, Daniel, and Chehon from the boys. Those are your bottom six, of whom four will be leaving. Frankly, I'm stunned. Not that these guys were so fantastic last week -- with the exception of Nick, they all factored into my least favorite dances last week -- but because Alexa, Witney, Daniel, and Chehon had SO MUCH screen time in the early goings this season. It usually takes weeks for the less-heralded dancers to catch up with that kind of a head start. I can see the fans not being moved by Alexa and Daniel's rather cold partnership, but Witney and Chehon? I swear I'm not trying to self-promote, but I REALLY think the fact that fans would have a hard time remembering how to spell their names when it comes time to text is a huge factor. I just can't imagine Witney got fewer votes than Lindsay, or that Chehon fell lower than Brandon. NO "H" IN WITNEY, KIDS! WRITE IT DOWN! C-H-E-H-O-N! Come up with a mnemonic device, I don't know! Don't let these two fall through the cracks like this -- they're too good.

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