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Top 20, Part 2

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Amber and Nick: Tango (Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo )
The watchwords in rehearsal are "one body," in that the dancers are supposed to meld into one being, but I'm not sure they fully succeed. Nick, despite being a ballroom specialist (and getting that specialty two weeks in a row) looks stooped in some of these maneuvers; meanwhile you can see Amber efforting through an unfamiliar style. But man, her legs are kicking in this thing! Still, the overall dance seems more mannered and over-determined than the best tangos. But what do I know? Mary says it was a difficult routine that was danced quite well. "It didn't look like work," which was basically the opposite of my take, but I GUESS you should agree with the expert in ballroom dancing. She then calls out a specific pivot move that Nick did that's supposedly super difficult. It's good praise, because the other two judges thought Amber looked brilliant and left Nick an afterthought.

Audrey and Matthew: Jazz (Sonya Tayeh)
Again, I THINK this is jazz but we're not told. In rehearsals, Matthew makes a joke at the idea that Audrey has to show her "aggressive side," since he says she has none. On stage ... okay, a word about Matthew, who discarded his shirt but added some guyliner. Cat backs me up that the guyliner looks good (that FACE!), but his chest and abs are so insanely defined, I'd say they were airbrushed on (another point of similarity between him and Ryan Gosling I guess?), if they didn't look authentic up close. YES, I LOOKED. I'm not dead. Anyway, the dance is both mechanical and sexual, which is a combination Sonya does well. Matthew and Audrey look like two flesh-covered androids learning to have sex like the humans do. Audrey's split comes into play again, to great effect. Hell, Matthew's does too. This isn't romantic love like last week; it's cold, mechanical fucking, but it's sexy as hell regardless. The judges again praise Sonya first, but they remember to get to the part where Audrey and Matthew are two of the season's best dancers. Mary: "You're so little! But you dance out to your extremities!" Adam doubted Audrey back in Vegas (me too, dude), but those doubts have been erased (me too, kiiinda), and to Matthew he says, "It's yours to lose," and then OH MY GOD with that smile and that face and that body and this is ridiculous and I'm sorry. It's not even satisfying to have Matthew as my Dance Boyfriend this year, because he was built in a dream factory for such a purpose.

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