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The Tappening

Boys. Victor's staying, right? RIGHT, NIGEL? He says this decision "upsets [him] personally, more than anyone can really know" which I guess is because of the tap thing because Phillip is leaving. THANK GOD. And by now, all the dancers are in tears, for one reason or another. After his goodbye package, Phillip mentions that his father died a week and a half ago and "more than half of the Top 18" attended his funeral, which Phillip appreciates. I wish I didn't find him to be a complete fake, because that seemed very touching

So Phillip's gone a week too late, and Bianca's gone several weeks too early. Is that balance? Not sure. But next week, America gets to decide! Kind of!

Joe R blames Tyce for Bianca's ouster. Agree with him at

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So You Think You Can Dance




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