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Cat and Adam immediately freak over how well Ellenore covered for the heel disaster. Cat says the dress was caught for 40% of the routine, and Adam says they almost stopped it so they could start over. Which made me rewind back, and yeah, the dress gets caught way earlier than I first recognized it. Which means I have to give mad credit too, because she managed to make me not notice for so long. Mary was similarly blown away and says she knows how frustrating that kind of thing can be. I love how this all went from disaster to triumph so quickly for Ellenore. Nigel spends his whole time shilling for the Argentine Tango rather than talking about the dancers.

So that's everybody! Before the judges pick the Bottom 4, Cat kicks us to the rundown. As will I, in order of my most favorite to least favorite: 1) Kathryn and Legacy's contemporary; 2) Ellenore and Ryan's tango; 3) Ashleigh and Jakob's waltz; 4) Pauline and Peter's jazz; 5) Mollee and Nathan's Bollywood; 6) Karen and Kevin's hip-hop; 7) Bianca and Victor's Broadway; 8) Noelle and Russell's hip-hop; 9) Channing and Phillip's samba


Rather than last week, when Cat just called out four dancers and that was that (which I loved in all its cruel abruptness), Nigel calls forward Noelle and Russell, Bianca and Victor, and Channing and Phillip. Hey, look who agrees with me! Nigel says the bottom four comes from these six. Then he sends Russell and Channing to safety. Based on tonight, that seems fair, though Victor and Bianca better not be going anywhere.

After the break, it's solos: Noelle, to her credit, puts it ALL out there, leaping around with abandon and stretching her body past any normal limits; Victor doesn't really show off anything spectacular, save for his amazing legs; Bianca taps to "Tootsie Roll," earning her a place in my heart forever -- and maybe Cat's too, as she totally flips for her afterwards; Phillip's solo, to Nat King Cole, looks so tame and pale in comparison to Bianca. He's gonna be done, right?

After one last break, the judges make their decisions. We start with the girls. Bianca or Noelle? Nigel says neither of them did particularly well in their pair routine earlier; I keep waiting for him to mention how awesome BOTH their solos were, but he doesn't seem all that impressed with Bianca's. They really liked Noelle's, though, because she's staying. DUDE. Disagree. Nigel said it wasn't unanimous, and I would love to know who dissented. Cut to the other dancers, and Jakob is SHOCKED. Bianca takes it like a champ, to her credit. Her goodbye package reminds us of that killer dance-off with Ryan.

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