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Before the break, we see Peter and Pauline dressed like crazy derelicts from the future, which means they must be doing Wade Robson. Indeed they are! Here's Wade's concept: Peter and Pauline will play characters from an early draft of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" who were later excised from the painting, and now they've come back to haunt Van Gogh. You guys... Wade Robson. I love that he's on this planet, shouldering the burden of our collective weirdness. With "Starry Night" projected in the background (and dancing to "Little Green Bag," which only makes me think of Reservoir Dogs), Peter and Pauline creep around the stage dressed like human-sized pain smudges. This is the rare routine that uses this gargantuan new stage to the dancers' advantage -- they really do feel like little characters inside a painting. As odd as the concept sounds, the whole setup -- stage, props, costumes, dancing -- really does kind of come together. If Vincent Van Gogh had been alive long enough to watch David Lynch's Mulholland Dr., got freaked out by the tiny old people who tormented Naomi Watts, and then dreamed about his own work, this very well may have been what transpired. I tip my ear to you, Mr. Robson!

Adam says you need to be 1,000% committed to a Wade routine, and they were. It feels like Adam didn't totally like the idea of the piece -- he calls it "controversial" -- and Mary appears to agree. She doesn't think it will "take [them] anywhere." If what she's getting at is that the routine was more showy than the dancers were, I might agree with that. But since the audience isn't voting this week, who cares? Nigel appreciated the big concept of the routine more than the other two. He tells Peter to watch out for his stiff shoulders, at which point Peter, for some unknown reason, licks his pinkie and forefinger and smooths his eyebrows, then winks at Nigel. Which just makes him look like an ass, really. And I don't think he is. Anyway, Nigel really liked Pauline.

Ellenore and Ryan. We learn that Ryan has muscles (it's worth learning multiple times) and that Ellenore is a total weirdo who talks in strange accents and made up alien voices. Then they do a little bit where Ryan gets "abducted" off the screen and it's beneath them and us, frankly. I'll ignore. Anyway, they drew Argentine Tango with Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo. Ryan should rock this, right? Though Ellenore is petrified of the lifts.

On stage, the lifts go off without a hitch. In fact, Ellenore manages to keep up with Ryan quite well. It's not the hottest tango I've ever seen, but they kept some excellent lines. Mostly. There one excruciating segment where Ellenore gets her dress caught under her heel and there's just no way to dislodge it, and it ends up preventing her from extending her leg on a couple turns. But by the end, her leg is free and all seems well.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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