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Kathryn and Legacy. Whose routine from last week I must've watched about 20 times already. Love. They're both really cute together in the clip package, Legacy impressing her with all the languages he speaks (though, honestly, I'm not sure how much credit one should get for "oui, oui"). Legacy likes Kathryn because he can cry in front of her. Yes, he did. Somewhere in Louisiana, AB Chao just reached for her second box of Kleenex. He's not fond of how she keeps accidentally hitting him, though. Kathryn shows a miniscule bruise on her arm and is all "He says I injure him?" At which Legacy's like, "Oh yeah, that's when my teeth hit her elbow." You guys, I love these two. Maybe the best. When did THAT happen? Some credit must go to Legacy's preternatural cheekbones, but surely not all.

They're doing contemporary with Stacy Tookey. Be gentle, she's Canadian. The theme of this dance will be: fear. As portrayed by Legacy. There appears to be a lot of him grasping her ankle and she dragging him along. That shows up a lot in contemporary choreography, I find. They should really give that an impossible-to-spell French name. On stage, dancing to "2 Steps Away" by Patti LaBelle, I'm kind of blown away. I mean, on the one hand it is a complete rip-off of Mia's addiction routine that Kayla and Kupono rocked so thoroughly, but I think Legacy and Kathryn do enough to distinguish themselves. First Kathryn: She's just a gorgeous contemporary dancer, smooth and passionate. And she's a perfect fit for Legacy, who is once again rocking my life. He's so QUICK. He infuses the routine with just enough of his b-boy style (including a headstand that doesn't seem possible). At one point he leaps at Kathryn and wraps himself completely around her midsection. Just nimble and cat-like. To think this dancer has been hiding inside him for all these years. I keep pausing the TV to write and every time I do I end up with these gorgeous freeze-frames. Best of the night so far.

Adam praises Tookey (ehh, more originality next time) before saying how proud he was of Legacy and Kathryn. He can't wait to see what they do next week. Me too! I'm suddenly crossing my fingers that Legacy can pull off ballroom. Mary doesn't think we've seen anyone grow as fast as Legacy has on this show. She doesn't have much to say about Kathryn, which you can tell by how she just starts screeching nonsense words at her. Nigel calls out the Mia addiction routine explicitly, and Legacy's dive onto Kathryn. Like Mary, he notes Legacy's growth and Kathryn's journey out from under the radar.

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