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Channing and Phillip. Who I HATED last week and should have been eliminated. NOW DANCE! (tm LaurieAnn Gibson) They'll be doing the samba, as choreographed by Tony and Melanie. They look to be struggling in rehearsal, not that I blame them, because samba looks insanely hard. On stage it looks... okay. Channing looks amazing, and she seems credibly Latin-ballroom in her carriage (while Phillip seems more hunchy). The dancing itself feels labored, especially on the lifts, and overall it seemed slow, much like that jive did. I liked this better, mostly for Channing, but not by much. Oh, and the ending featured Phillip essentially jumping on top of Channing while she was bridging backwards, and I'm like 90% sure she smacked her head on the stage.

Adam praises Channing for her hip action (yes), and liked their interaction, but overall he thought it wasn't working. Mary also says they struggled (she says "labored" but I said it first) and places the majority of the blame on Phillip. Nigel, as opposed to Adam, didn't like the chemistry, and ends up comparing Channing to a "beautiful sack of potatoes." There's a gorgeous little Irish song that goes by that title, I truly believe it. Nigel also compliments the shade of blue Channing's wearing, which delights Cat for some reason.

Karen and Kevin. Who are both very good dancers. And I can't for the life of me bring myself to care about them. What's up with that? Kevin notes that the "worst thing" about Karen is that "every time we get up there" in front of the judges (you know, that... one time), he just fades into the background. Yes, I can see where that would be Karen's problem. They get hip-hop with Tabitha and Napoleon. Kevin seems way to happy to have Karen out of their element. I'm sensing a "competitors" vibe here rather than partners. That could hurt them.

The theme here is NASCAR, and once again Nap and Tab have the girl all dressed up in some rubber-suit abomination. The routine feels slow in spots, and it never gives Kevin the opportunity to really go off, but there are a handful of inventive and fun spots where they're each "riding" one another, and Karen gets to be crazy sexy, seemingly to play to Adam's "AAOOOGA" eyeballs again. Oh, and Kevin goes sliding off the front of the stage again, which is what? Tabitha and Napoleon's new calling card?

Adam kicks the judging off by promptly falling out of his chair on account of Karen. Heeeee. And, no doubt much to Kevin's chagrin, he thought she was more confident that Kevin out there. And he falls down once more for good measure. Mary -- screaming her entire critique -- keeps Karen on the hot tamale train and once again gives about 80% of the praise to Karen. Cat has to nudge Mary to put Kevin on the hot tamale train. And Nigel completes the trifecta that says: Kevin was predictably good, Karen was unpredictably great.

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