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Victor and Bianca. Slowly but surely, Victor's working up to a fauxhawk to replace the Mohawk those tight-assed judges made him shave off. He also constantly looks like he's high, right? With the sleepy eyes? Whatever, he's amazing. Hi, I love Victor, too. I can love two dancers! They're doing Broadway with Tyce, and he's chosen a Color Purple number, apropos for those of us who are still making the Bianca/Fantasia comparisons. The routine is very Southern-gospel-revivalist, which Victor isn't used to. He gives a hilariously quiet rendition of his church's usual stylings. Bianca hopes to imbue him with the spirit. Tyce is obnoxious. That's all.

The routine kinds of treads water until the seriously upbeat gospel praisings begin. Victor and Bianca are dancing it well, but it all feels like it could be so much more. This tends to be the problem with Tyce's Broadway choreography; it feels lesser than the shows it's trying to be, plus a whole lot of disconnected movement. But again, the dancing was fine.

Adam takes the opportunity to reference choreographers like Alvin Ailey and Jerome Robbins and how they were able to produce religious ecstasy routines that (though Adam doesn't say it in these words) blew their routine away. He says the dancing is fine, but it felt too mannered and not enough like they were actually going wild with the spirit. You guys, Adam Shankman is the best. Mary agrees about the lack of abandon (and does criticize the choreo, albeit indirectly). Nigel echoes Adam and Mary -- he feels Victor didn't find the character of the piece, and Bianca wasn't exuberant enough.

Mollee and Nathan. In the "Mollee's barely adolescent" column, I think we can mark the fact that she raises her hand in rehearsal when she needs to go to the bathroom. On the bright side, she cutely notes that Nathan is very attractive. God help me, I at least think she's genuine. She's cutesy to the extreme, but it doesn't seem to be an act. So far. They're doing Bollywood (they seem suited for that, right?) with Nakul Dev Mahajan. Mollee promises they will do Bollywood like no one has ever seen Bollywood before. Which is good, because outside of this show, most of the audience has never seen Bollywood before. She also dubs her and Nathan "Molleewood, doing Bollywood, in Hollywood." You know... uncle. You win, Mollee. You win.

As for the routine, well you just watch all the Bollywood knowledge I'm gonna drop on you. ...Did you see it? Yeah. Nathan's a warrior in this piece, while Mollee is his lady. I can tell you there is a ridiculous amount of spinning going on, and Nathan is really performing with a lot of strength. Mollee's face looks weirdly lost whenever I see it, maybe because she's wearing eight pounds of makeup, but other than that, she's keeping up nicely. Adam compliments Mollee's progress on the show thus far, while Mary screams. She thinks their energy together is astounding, yes she does! Nigel likes how Dev has brought some western movements into his choreography, and has nothing but praise for the kids. And seriously, look at them. They are children. Children of the dance.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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