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The Tappening

Nothing terribly notable in the intro dance-off, except to say that the way the tappers' shoes are miked is really distracting. It's necessary, I'm sure, but it makes it sound very post-production. Like the tap shoes are the wheelchair kid from Glee. Also, Noelle appears to be up and dancing again, which is good news. And I ended up yelping at Legacy's intro, which shocked me way more than it should have, given the fact that my transformation from Legacy-hater to Legacy-yelper was pretty much complete after that awesome caveman routine last week.

Cat notes that once again it's a performance/results show mashup tonight, due to the "slightly less prestigious event" called The World Series. It doesn't get a single laugh because nobody in this audience gets that she's being sarcastic because WHAT ARE SPORTS? Still no guest jidges this week, which still makes me sad. I love Adam a lot, but if I'm denied my Debbie Allen and Lil' C, I'm gonna be pissed. Oh! But thank god the stupid Paula Abdul chair is still there, and Nigel wheels it down next to Adam, where it may be more enticing to everyone's favorite chronic-pain sufferer. Nigel also announces that the Fox and 19 legal eagles have declared that Billy Bell gets a fast pass to Vegas next season, and that Brandon can re-apply for the show as well. Here's hoping they both end up Top 20 in Season 7.

That out of the way, let's get dancing! The first pair is Noelle and Russell. The clip-package gimmick this week is "What's the best and worst thing about your partner?" I know it's just filler, but I generally like the contestants on this show, so sometimes these things can be charming. Don't quote me on that. Anyway, I'm only gonna mention it if it's interesting, and... it's not, in this case. Russell and Noelle draw hip-hop with new choreographer Jamal Sims, and the routine somehow involves tennis rackets? Wimbledon Funk, y'all! On stage, the whole thing is a little too much concept weighing the dance down, shocking as that may be to comprehend. It takes me a while to even get into the dance since I'm so fixated on Noelle's terribly unconvincing racket work. That western grip would make Steffi Graf weep stoic German tears. Unsurprisingly, Russell's pretty great at this -- even makes a credible tennis player, what can't this guy do? Noelle is really struggling, though. Not hitting hard enough, half-assing many of the maneuvers, it's really quite brutal. I really loved her in that group routine last week and so was fine with her getting a second chance after the injury, but to save her for a performance like this? It's disappointing.

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