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Hok wants to keep on creating, but in visual arts -- we some works that I presume are his? There's a self-portrait, a crying giraffe. They're not bad at all, and he wants to take that further after he's done with dance. Jaimie, meanwhile, wants to be a writer, because her mother was one, and writing is amazing, and her sister loves writing, and they want to write a book together about their mother, who wants to write a book about her journey.

Wade Robson will be choreographing their dance routine, which he says is quite eclectic, more like ballet. Wade, respect the hat selection! They're supposed to dance jazz! "I'm Wade Motherfucking Robson, I will choreograph whatever dance I damn well please." He's got a routine that's a love story between a hummingbird and a flower. With anyone else, I'd probably be rolling my eyes.

"The Chairman's Waltz" from Memoirs of a Geisha. Hok is indeed like a bird, a hummingbird, with his flapping hands. Jaimie is the flower, with her hair all in large spikes. This is interesting, if not something I feel at all qualified to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down too. Debbie calls it genius and brilliant. "You're really stepping up," she tells them, adding that it reminded her of a Cirque de Soleil routine. Mary liked it too, and tells Hok that he may have been a hummingbird, but he soared like an eagle. Man, I hate those corny comments she makes. Mainly because I picture her working on lines like that all through the routine instead of paying attention to it, and then just itching to deliver them. Nigel said it was beautiful, and that Wade took Hok's abilities and culture and turned it into movement. He also praises Jaimie's performance, and says Wade brilliantly incorporated what the two of them can do. He wonders who they are to say whether it was good or not. The…judges?

Pasha's ambition is to be reunited with his family. We see a picture of his mom, who looks exactly like him. He hasn't seen them in ten years. What's going on here? Can we get this explained a little more? Jessi wants to be a well-rounded performer like Julie Andrews or Judy Garland. They're dancing the cha-cha, choreographed by Tony Meredith. It's characterized by its "cheekiness." Oh, lord! Tony wants to throw some krumping in too. Well, I certainly hope it's a little more orthodox than the krumping we saw earlier. I'm not very fond of that "new" krumping. Jessi shows some moves, and Pasha cops to having a cramp in his leg. Tony says, "Not cramping, krumping." Tony says in an interview that the two of them are so hot that the chemistry is going to be amazing. Jessi actually pleads for votes during the rehearsal interviews, suggesting that maybe Pasha could take off his shirt, and she could maybe flip her hair around a little. Or…you could practice. I mean, if you want to take the chance that this show's viewers will vote for you because you flipped your hair around, knock yourself out.

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