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"Stickwitu" by the Pussycat Dolls. So -- is this what the rumba really looks like? It's been contemporized, right? It's okay. I'd really rather see more headspins and backflips. Well, Cat liked it. I'm sure I could get up there and do two minutes of junior-high slow dancing to "She's Like The Wind" and Cat would find something nice to say about it. "You swayed slowly while describing circles on the dance floor! Amazing!" Anyway, let's go to the judges. I wonder if Debbie's going to like it. "Call the fire department, honey, that was hot!" yells Debbie, and then there's some annoying preening on the part of Dominic. Mary likes it too. I'll go with the judges on this one. I presume the judges know technique, and I'd probably benefit if the judges spent as much time offering specific praise about what they did right as they spend yelling about how they have "two tickets on the hot tamale train!" and then screeching her lungs out. I refuse to believe that anyone actually thinks this is funny or cute. "Did you hear me, Nigel?" Mary shrieks at Nigel, who has his fingers in his ears. Probably because this is behaviour that's inappropriate for a two-year-old. Nigel calls them fantastic and praises both of them, and says they're growing every week.

Lauren wants to go out in space. Well, keep dancing, then. I hear that's how Neil Armstrong got his start. Neil also wants to sing and act as well as he can dance. Triple threat! Jean-Marc Genereux says the dance is like a cat and mouse, and then they spend about three hours talking about how this means Neil is chasing her. Many shots of playful rehearsal. These two are ridiculously cute.

"Tanguero" by Sexteta Mayor. Lauren's in a sparkly red ankle-length backless dress, and Neil's in a black suit. They start off sitting on chairs, using them as props. I'm not sure, but I think I detect a little cat-and-mouse motif. It's like Neil is the cat, and Lauren is the mouse. By which I mean, Neil (the cat) is chasing after Lauren (the mouse). Anyway, I liked it. I thought it was good. Turns out I was wrong.

Debbie thought it could have been tighter. Wow. Non-effusiveness from Debbie. Mary praises the bit they did with the chairs. She felt the passion from each of them, but not so much for them as a pair. She also says Neil was a little sloppy. She says the tango is usually danced more into the floor, and they were a little too high. Since I've craved specific advice, and she's giving it, I'll refrain from making a joke about just who is a little bit high. Nigel says he thought it was pretty good. He did think Neil was a little over the top, but he's impressed because Neil, and the other guys on the show, dance like dudes. Yeah, especially now that Ricky's gone. Cat blah blahs about the cat and mouse again.

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