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Dan Karaty's choreographing their hip-hop routine. They're both nervous. Anya praises Danny, saying he picked it up really quickly, and she's worried about looking like a "cha-cha girl" doing hip-hop, and worries about how she doesn't have to keep a count but keep up with the boom-boom-kah-kah-psh. It's cute when she does that.

"Oh Timbaland," by, well, guess. They're in black suits, with Danny playing air piano. I like Anya in general, but she seems clearly out of her element here to me. It's a game effort, and the routine is pretty cool, with a lot of rolling on the floor. It's certainly sensual, but as far as her doing hip-hop -- meh. Especially compared with Danny, who really does seem to have picked it up quickly. It also helps him that the routine is just a teensy bit balletic (is that a word?), especially towards the end. He also does a terrific flip. Debbie "I Think Everyone Is Awesome" Allen calls them the "dream team" because there's nothing they can't do. She also praises the choreography, and calls Danny the matinee idol of the competition. "I think the same of you," smooths Danny. Look, whenever you two are done making out… Mary liked them, although she thinks it could have been a little tighter. Nigel is a little less effusive; he says it wasn't as good as he expected, they didn't look quite as comfortable up there, and he heads off the booing by explaining that the two of them are on a much higher level then the others. Nice. "I don't expect as much from the others," is that it?

Dominic says his biggest ambition is to do headspins naked. With no one there. This is what he says. Okay, Dominic. We get that you're not as cocky as you initially portrayed yourself. I think I preferred that, though, to the sensitive-dork routine he's currently overdoing. Sabra says her ambition is to be a standup comedian, because she thinks she's pretty "dang" funny, and also she wants to meet Ellen Degeneres. Yeah, I have no idea what she's on about either. We have plenty of time, Sabra. Tell us a joke!

They're dancing the rumba, which is a word they seem never to have heard before. I don't think this is like me, a 31-year-old white Canadian, not knowing what "krumping" is. This is two dancers who want to dance appearing on a dancing competition in which they'll have to dance different dances not knowing a really famous dance.

Jean-Marc Genereux is the choreographer. They struggle with it, but they probably didn't get in as much rehearsal as they needed, given that they would have spent a lot of time just learning how to pronounce "rumba."

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