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Lacey and Kameron are doing the first quickstep of the season. Finally! Unfortunately, it's not the green apple variety. I'm assuming.

But Lacey's ambitions -- singing, movies, that sort of thing -- don't mean very much to her anymore, because right after they taped last week's show, she found out a friend had died. Now she just wants to make people happy by dancing. I guess since her friend died, it wouldn't be fair to bust on her for saying that her ambition outside of dance is to dance. Losing a friend at Lacey's age is a gut-punch no one should ever have to suffer. …I like Lacey. I'd been on the fence about whether she's genuinely humble and sweet, or if she's playing stuff up for the cameras. I think she's real, just a little naïve, maybe the product of doing nothing growing up but dancing. Kameron's grateful for how supportive his family is, so his ambition is to have a big family, and be as supportive to his own family.

Tony Meredith is going to be choreographing the quick step. Kameron helpfully explains that Tony is going to be telling him where to put his feet and stuff. Yes, we know what a choreographer does. Kameron struggles with it, and has trouble keeping his posture, so Tony brings out a contraption that sits on Kameron's neck which gives him a little scarecrow look, but keeps his arms in the right position.

"Big and Bad" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is the music. They look like -- this is flapperish, isn't it? This is what you think of when you think of grainy sepia-toned footage of people dancing in speakeasies. Kameron's pasted his Mohawk down. Kameron lifts Lacey up and twirls her around, and they end up on their backs on the floor. I thought it was kind of boring. Debbie calls it fun. Mary calls it pretty good, and also amazing, and everything. Nigel also loved it. Again, I couldn't ever decide if Lacey's gratitude for praise is genuine or if it's phony. She knows she's a good dancer, right? But the look on her face when the judges say nice things is of such heartbreaking relief, almost like she's thinking, "Oh my god, I so thought you were going to say I suck." I think she is thinking that. I think the pressure of her family's dancing bona fides is weighing very heavily on her.

Anya and Danny are up next. Anya wants to set up an animal shelter. Because she loves animals. Okay, all you guys? If you tell us you want to work with toys, we're going to figure you love toys. If you tell us you want to work in techno music, we're going to figure you love techno music. If you tell us you want to work with animals, we're going to figure you love animals. Danny apparently wants to be involved in television. Just how, it doesn't matter. Production. Acting. Movies, television, commercials, whatever.

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