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They're dance to "It's Okay (One Blood)" by the Game. You know what would have been nice? An explanation of what krumping is, and why this is krumping and not hip-hop. Is it all the stomping? Is it, for all I know, their red shirts and jeans? Nigel likes this direction that Lil' C is taking krumping in. Apparently it's more mainstream and not so much about "kicking butt." In the audience, Lil' C nods, all, "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about." I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. Then Nigel calls Sara a "gangsta," and I give up, because I am officially a bigger square than Nigel Lythgoe.

Shauna and Cedric, after losing their partners Faina and Jimmy, respectively, are partnered up this week. What do they want to be, outside of dance? Shauna wants to be a techno singer, because she loves techno music, and falls asleep to it. I dig it. I fall asleep listening to her talking about falling asleep to techno music. Cedric wants to make toys, because he loves toys, and falls asleep listening to toys, or something. We revisit last week, when each of them lost their partners. "It's crazy to, like, lose your partner," says Shauna backstage. Yeah, what could be crazier than that? But she loves Cedric, so it's okay! At home, Jimmy bites his fist.

This week they're dancing a contemporary Mia Michaels routine. "I try to get them to tap into their guts," says Mia, adding that this piece celebrates goodbyes. Shauna calls her an "organic teacher" and talks about the "Mia Michaels experience," furthering my suspicion that the dancers always search for code words that mean "I think she's a total wench" when they talk about her. Mia says Shauna's going to do great no matter what, but she's worried that Cedric's on his last chance here.

They're dancing to "I Thought We Had" by the Family Stand. Cedric comes bounding up the stage stairs, while Shauna rolls on. They're in black and white outfits. It looks like they beat each other up in portions, and then make up. Then Cedric goes and cries in the corner, and Shauna has to go convince him to keep dancing. Then at one point, they go offstage and stand around and then Shauna adjusts Cedric's tie. Man, does this blow. This is why more people don't watch dance. Debbie tongue-bathes them, and Mia Michaels, and says that Cedric is making dance cool for all the young men who want to dance contemporary. I know she's a dance legend and all, but is she high? Mary says she felt both of them were dancing their hearts out, but it still wasn't good enough. Cedric gets his "execution at dawn" face on, as Mary flat-out says she doesn't think Cedric should continue in this competition any longer, and that he hasn't shown any growth. Cedric babbles on about how the piece started out one way, and then it became his life, and this is about his struggles. Nigel somehow manages to straddle the fence between the other judges. At least he talks a little bit more about Shauna, so it's not the All About Cedric routine. Nigel says Cedric has a lot to learn, and the crowd boos, and Cedric very smartly tells the audience to can it, because what they're saying is true, and he implores all young dancers to go to school and study. The judges clap, although Mary has a knot in her face, all, "Don't you dare try to prevent your elimination by accepting our criticism with humility and grace." Then Debbie Allen says he's ideal for her school, and he's got an open door, and Nigel awesomely pins her down into saying she'll give him a scholarship. That's pretty cool. And then the judges remember that they shouldn't already be shoveling dirt on his grave, and then they good-naturedly yell at each other instead of going to commercial. That was so buck!

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