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Cat Deely tells us that thousands of hopefuls have been whittled down to the top 16. Even in a black dress, she's irrepressibly perky. This is probably what she's like at funerals. I, I just died in your arms tonight. It must have been something you said.

Dance legend Debbie Allen is in the studio as a guest judge. She's won Emmys and Golden Globes, run a world-famous dance school, and Cat remembers her from Fame. Does she have any connection with Footloose? Tell me she does. Then I'll be impressed. Ah, I'm just grouchy because I already blew my one Fame-referencing line in an earlier weecap. Since we are filling the same two hours every week with progressively fewer dancers, we're getting a whole lot of nonsense. Cat babbles on with Debbie about the dance standards of the show, and dance vocabulary, and what have you. Just remember, the rule for judges is that they always have to say that this season has the most talent. Mary makes things interesting by at least singling out a specific dancer -- Dominic -- for praise. "I see a hardworking young man who's going to make a difference in the dance world." Nigel, this show you produce: are you pleased or disappointed with it? I wonder which it'll be -- he's pleased! Yes! So you know it's good.

No group dance this week! What the hell? That's easily my favourite part! You have to fill two hours, and you sacrifice Group Dance for Judge Blather? Booooo! Booooo!

After the commercial, Cat says they wanted to get to know the contestants better, so everyone's been asked what their aspirations are outside the dance world. Cough*filler*cough.

Sara says she wants to use her degree in public relations and journalism to be a freelance writer and write dance articles. Sara, this is supposed to be outside the dance world! Jesus wants to make enough money to give back to people. A lot of people helped him, and he wants to pay it forward. Dude, you don't need money. Volunteer. Fox is only getting a certain amount of your American Idol voting fees, you know. Go to a soup kitchen, teach someone to read. Dance at a seniors' home!

Anyway, they're going to krump. Yay, I get to learn what it is! Sara says she's always pretended to know how to krump, while Jesus fronts for a little while and then admits that he has no idea what krumping is. So it's not just me.

They're being choreographed by one of the inventors, Lil' C. Awesome. This is like if I got choreographed by the guys who invented the Running Man or the Cabbage Patch. Lil' C says we're going to see some "unorthodox" krumping moves. So I guess it's not like the krumping my grandfather taught me, then. Dude, if you invented krumping, everything you come up with is orthodox! Even if these moves are called, um, Bathroom Stall and Grandma With A Walker. Fortunately, Lil' C assures us that they're going to be "buck." I assume that's good.

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