So You Think You Can Dance

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Tweenage Wasteland

And now for the guys. Nigel says both eliminations tonight were unanimous, slams the solos once again, and then eliminates Peter. He's not very surprised either. It's a strong group this season, we're already losing great dancers. Peter's video journey reminds us of when his hair was really bad (I'd hope the same judges who made Victor shave his head did the same for Peter's flat-top abomination).

Cat hugs both Peter and Pauline goodbye, and we brace for next week. When Nigel will open the show by pleading with the teens to either vote for Karen or go watch Twilight for an hour instead.

Joe R is breathing a sigh of relief. A sigh that sounds suspiciously like "Victor." He always appreciates a good email at

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So You Think You Can Dance




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