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Next, a trio of dancers from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater take the stage to perform some seriously impressive contempo-jazz. It has no bearing on the competition, and if I weren't recapping, I likely would have FF'd, but I'm glad I didn't. It was very minimalist, but watching professional dancers move around like these three can is always worth a look.

Once we're back, it's solo time. Ellenore dances to a song called "Eleanor" by Alexa Woodward, which shows either chutzpah ("that's right, bitches, it's ME!") or self-loathing (her name's spelled wrong). Anyway, she does a decent job combining her trademark weirdness with some contemporary movement designed to impress.

Ryan's dressed like a soldier returning home from V-E day and dancing to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. It still amazes me how he's able to move that giant frame around the way he does. The solo starts off super impressive but does devolve into a series of kicks for no reason, capped off by a leaping somersault that he doesn't land very well.

Pauline gets kind of aggro-sexy on her solo, which delights Cat. After the break, Peter attempts to tap his way into our hearts. He's really good, and I think it might make Nigel cry to eliminate all three tappers within the first three weeks, but I can't see Ryan or Kevin going home tonight. Also, Nigel should have thought of the tap-pocalypse when he was eliminating Bianca.

Karen gets her salsa on to Tito Puente and Celia Cruz, and it's all as hot as you might imagine. Adam, quick! There's still time to fall out of your chair! And finally, Kevin busts out to a Wade Robson track (!) and just throws his whole bag of tricks out there. Which I think is the smart move, but the judges are so fickle on the solos, so who knows?

Based on the entire season to date, I'd eliminate Peter and Pauline. Based on these solos? I might go Pauline and Ryan. After the judges deliberate, it's time to eliminate a girl. But not before Nigel shits on ALL the solos and says they pale in comparison to last season's standouts like Ade, Jeanine, Kayla, and Brandon. They were awesome, I'm not gonna lie, but I seem to recall Kayla being subject to the yo-yo of Nigel's solo critiques too. He also wags a finger at the audience for booing him, which: he's right, they're dumb, but they won't ever change.

Anyway, the results: Karen is obviously safe, though Nigel warns her that the tween audience may be "intimidated" by her "senssssyewality" (hee). Man, it really feels like Nigel got spooked by those vote totals, right? Nigel finally gets to the point, and it's Pauline who is eliminated. She doesn't look shocked. Cat hugs her and shows her video journey. And here's where I bitch about this season's goodbye songs bring super inferior to last season's good bye songs. Bring back Kelly C!

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