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After the break, there's kind of an extended advertorial segment where Dominic from Season 3 shows up and asks the fans outside to perform certain dance moves. It's not really recappable except to say that I am still not into Dominic, lo these many years later. Next time, shell out for Hok, FOX.

Back on stage, Cat has Ashleigh/Jakob, Russell/Noelle, and Peter/Pauline on stage. You'd figure Peter/Pauline are the sacrificial lambs here, yes? Jakob and Ashleigh did that SLEEK Mandy Moore jazz routine that reminded me not so much of anything Mandy's done before but that angel/devil dance Wade Robson choreographed for Neil and Lauren back in S3. Both were superb, and Jakob, as ever, was mesmerizing. They are so unbelievably safe.

Pauline and Peter did a pretty good job with that darn quickstep. I can't remember the last time anyone got raves for a quickstep, so the fact that they got Nigel to basically say "technically flawed, but I was having too much fun to care" is a big win. Noelle and Russell had the advantage of doing a style we've never seen on this show before (African jazz). With one glaring exception (The Russian folk of our nightmares), that tends to work out well if for no other reason than the judges and certainly the audience doesn't really know what they SHOULD be seeing, so it all just looks new and fun. That being said, Russell and Noelle were pretty great. Cat delivers the unsurprising news that Peter and Pauline are in the Bottom 3.

After the commercials, Cat's back with Nathan/Mollee and Karen/Kevin. Flip a coin, says I. Karen and Kevin delighted the judges with a Hustle, though Adam failed to fall out of his chair for Karen again. Meanwhile, Mollee and Nathan were pretty terrible in their salsa routine, but the judges keep reminding us that they have these ENORMOUS fanbases (which is what they said about Phillip last season, and that only protected him to a point). Nathan also kind of lost me with that desperate attempt to deflect criticism by appealing to the audience. He's young, but that's not a good color on him. But Cat tells them America kept them safe. Cat goes to Nigel, who confirms that this is the couple he was talking about earlier. Initially, I was fairly dubious that he would have eliminated either one of them this week, but then he really gives Nathan a dressing-down, for the "That was HOT!" comment and for generally getting by because teen girls (and middle-aged women) find him so cute. I don't know how this does anything but galvanize Nathan's fanbase even more, but it also feels like a challenge to Nathan to make his dancing live up to his vote totals. Which, for the record, he's totally capable of doing. I'm not Nigel's biggest fan, but respect to him for saying what we were all thinking. Anyway, so it's Karen and Kevin in the Bottom 3, fairly undeservedly. Let the wailing about tween power-voters begin!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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