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Yesterday, sixteen dancers hoofed it for your approval. You're all fickle bastards, so and two dancers will pay the ultimate price for that. Welcome... to So You Think You Can Dance!

The opening group dance is an African tribal hip-hop (in that it's a hip-hop routine with an African tribal theme, rather than a fusion of African dance and hip-hop), choreographed by Dave Scott. Am I the only one, by the way, who makes a game out of guessing the choreographer on these group numbers and waiting with baited breath for Cat to tell me if I'm right or not? (By the by, I'm 0-1 as I guessed Sean Cheesman for this.) Anyway, it's hard to pick out standouts in a group this large. Or it is until Legacy comes FLYING from stage left to do a somersault leap over four prone dancers. And thus my streak of involuntarily yelping at Legacy in sheer joy remains alive! Legacy and Jakob then do a short dance-off, which is pretty much my finale dream coming true. Ryan gets a moment to shine, showing hip-hop moves ten times better than he did last night. All in all, it was a fun, energetic dance from Dave Scott, who I continue to wish would choreograph more.

It feels like we transition from pre-taped to live as Cat gives props to Dave. I'm assuming so the dancers could get out of all that intense tribal makeup in time to do their solos? Cat introduces the jidges, and Nigel makes a cryptic comment about how tonight's results kept one pair safe who may have been eliminated otherwise. Given that Nigel verbalized that Ryan and Ellenore would be in trouble last night, I'm assuming it's them. Though I've spent all day worrying my Victor would get the boot, so I'm crossing my fingers it's him and Channing. Either way, Cat is now eyeing Nigel suspiciously. Meanwhile, Adam stresses a pair of fundamental truths about the show -- a) America votes for their favorites rather than, necessarily, the best; and b) the nature of the show is to keep eliminating dancers every week -- and it's kind of adorable that he thinks either one will keep the people in the studio from booing.

Cat brings the first three couples out: Kathryn and Legacy, Channing and Victor, and Ellenore and Ryan. Ellenore and Ryan were pretty bad at hip-hop and the judges couldn't stop blaming it on them being too nice. NICE! NICE! NICE! Cat opens their envelope and places them in the bottom three! Wow, I was really expecting that to not be the case. But it's warranted, much as I generally like them. Channing and Victor were gorgeous doing contemporary, and Victor has completely captivated me, and all Nigel could complain about was that they didn't make anybody cry or whatever. Meanwhile, Kathryn and Legacy did a refreshingly non-Tyce Broadway, and while it didn't blow the doors off like their first two, it was still pretty great. Legacy got all the love for his "growth." And maybe time to find a new talking point for Legacy? Like how everybody has just agreed to call him "Legacy" like it's no big thing? Cat declares Channing and Victor safe ... then tells Kathryn and Legacy they're safe as well. Not fooled, Cat! But Legacy and Kathryn may have been, so Cat dances around like a goof. You guys, Cat laughing and dancing while Victor and Legacy give man-hugs. It's my ideal evening.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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