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Toni enjoyed it, and makes her umpteenth comment about technique not getting in the way of performance. "It didn't get in your way, and that's really important," she says. She thought both of them did a great job, doing a dance that's not their style.

Final couple of the evening, Jeanine and Phillip. Phillip says he'd want to be an inventor, and he wants to create something that will help society. It's sweet, but instead of Phillip researching something on the computer, has he already invented anything? You know, before he tries to invent the World Peace Bomb? Jeanine would like to be an actress. She says she took up theatre to make friends in middle school, and she's acted in a couple of "independent films."

Tyce Diorio is teaching them a Broadway routine that seems to feature a couch. Jeanine says something about how she gets to merge acting and dancing with this routine, which she loves. Phillip is supposed to jump the couch, and there are several clips of him approaching it in a run and then chickening out, and finally we see him make it. Yay, that's great! It would have arguably been more awesome if this move were a secret until we actually watched it here.

Anyway, they're dancing to "Moses" from the Singin' In the Rain soundtrack. Well, they're not dancing yet. They're sitting on the couch, with the giant glasses that convey "nerd stereotype," and then eventually they decide to put down the So You Think You Can Dance book and get their dance on. Which means the glasses come off, because four-eyes can't dance! They hop on and off the couch, kick in sync, and Jeanine's on the couch when Phillip takes his running start and clears it easily, which would have been cooler if this were the first time we were seeing it. Then they embrace, and Jeanine kicks her legs up and Phillip swings her around, and then they are dancing about, waving their arms all Broadway style, and then they shake the stuffing out of the couch cushions, which made for a nice snowy effect, and then they collapse on the couch to end it. Cat comes over to join them on the couch before dragging them to their feet to face the judges. Phillip points out he ripped his pants. "Well, like so many Vaudeville dancers that went before Phillip, he now knows what it's like to dance with his ass hanging out of his trousers," says Nigel, and Cat makes Phillip turn around to show the rip along the inseam just below the rear, which prompts Mary to scream, and hold it. God, it's like she's ten years old. "Many of us had to do that, Phillip, trust me," says Nigel. He says they needed to bring so much personality to this routine. He thinks Jeanine did, but he needs Phillip to bring so much more. "As much as we love you, we're going to stop loving you when the voters continue voting for you but you're not coming up to the standard we expect from you." Yeah, stupid voters! Exercise their right (as mandated by the show) to determine who they like best! Overall, it was a fun routine, but he needs more from Phillip.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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