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I See You, Randi, Shakin' That Ass, Shakin' That Ass

And then Toni joins the Mia Mary for Mount Rushmore train, talking about how the choreography often becomes the star, so the dancers have to live up to it, and she is the choreographer's choreographer, and she is phenomenal, and you were phenomenal. Poor sweet Randi. She seems so nice and sweetly embarrassed by all the ass attention.

After the break, Caitlin says she thought about pursuing broadcast journalism. "She's a little nuts, so she'd be good on television," says Jason. And lest you think Caitlin wants to break any big stories, she seems pretty happy to be the anchor on the local news station who does stories about the television shows on that particular station. As for Jason, he says he'd be playing soccer, if not professionally, then for a university. "I think soccer players are hot," says Caitlin. Hear that, Pulitzer committee?

They're doing a paso doble with Jean-Marc Genereux and France. "We hate each other. That's what the dance is about," says Jason, who came into rehearsal wearing sneakers, prompting Jean-Marc to angrily throw him to the ground and rip the sneakers off. Caitlin said she had too short a skirt on, and Jean-Marc gave her a longer one, which I guess means he missed the memo from Nigel.

Oh, awesome! Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg and Kurt Prestol! I just saw these guys on VH1 Storytellers! The dancers stand on opposite sides of the stage, and Caitlin jumps into Jason's arms, managing not to get entangled in his purple cape. They seem kind of choppy and rough, at least initially. Just hesitancy in a back flip, a little bit of quivering during an upside down split, that kind of thing. They seem to get into a groove. It might be the music, but this dance seems kind of aggressive. The music is like that one opera piece that shows up in melodramatic movie trailers and tongue-in-cheek beer commercials. They lock arms, twirl around, Jason spins her around the floor, and the whole thing ends with Caitlin on the floor, Jason straddling her and lifting her head to his forehead.

Nigel says at one point it seems like Jason was performing more to the audience then to his partner, and he wanted to feel more of the passion. "Just allow us in to see that sometimes," he says, although some of the things they were doing were exceptionally perfect. He says Caitlin's lines are beautiful, but he still would have liked to see more between the two of them.

Mary: "I JUST THINK HOW DIFFERENT FROM BOLLYWOOD TO PASO DOBLE, OH MY GOODNESS! THAT WAS REALLY A STRONG PERFORMANCE! YES IT WAS!" See? That's what I mean, the "yes it was!" at the end there. Then Mary says some more things but I'm almost through to the end so I'm skipping ahead, because I'm not interested in Mary screaming at me. P.S.: "It was fearless, yes it was," says Mary. Anyway, she loved it.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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