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Next up, Kayla and Kupono, dancing with each other for the first time. Kayla says outside of dancing, she'd love to model. Kupono agrees she's stunning. As for him, one of the things he love to do is costume design, and a lot of things he wears for the opening dances are his own creations.

They're doing a Viennese waltz with Jean-Marc Genereux. "Rehearsal was kind of a mess," says Kayla, and we watch the two of them struggle with lifts. Kupono sounds overwhelmed.

Kayla's lying on the stage, which is dark except for a grid of light squares, like moonlight shining through a window. Kupono sashays in to lift her up, and as "Sweet Dreams for You" picks up, you think, "Yeah, I can just imagine all the aristocrats in Austria dancing to Jewel." She hopes up from the floor into his arms, and they spin around the stage, around each other, in orbit. He twirls her around, and lifts her into a spin, and then another lift in which she kicks her legs over. And then they join arms and waltz across the stage, and she twirls, and then she winds up lowering him to the stage and falls into his arms.

Cat praises the gorgeous new couple, and says to Nigel that when a couple reaches into the hat and pull out Viennese waltz, they die a million deaths. Nigel disagrees, saying they're not doing a style that any dancer shouldn't be able to do, but a waltz is not a routine that's going to continually get rounds of applause, which is just kind of the way it is. He says the routine was beautiful and the dancing was beautiful, but it's just not the kind of thing that's going to make anybody stand up and cheer, so of course the nimwits in the audience stand up and cheer, which is what they should have done at the end of the routine without Nigel poking them. Way to prove him wrong, guys (and he admits that he is wrong), because they deserve to have people voting for him.

Then Mary screams at Jean-Marc that it wasn't a nightmare, referring to a comment he made when his "dream team" was having a tough go of it in rehearsal. She calls it elegant and flowing, and she calls it believable, which I think is a word she's used for every routine tonight. She says everyone should expect good lines from them, but praises the quality of the dance. And then thank god; she never screams for the Viennese waltz, but in this case she needs to put them on the hot tamale train, and so she lets loose with one her eardrum-puncturing wails. Toni's a little freaked out that Jean-Marc had his dancers barefoot for a Viennese waltz, which sounds a little pedantic for someone who's as street as Toni is. Anyway, she liked it a lot too, and has special praise for Kayla. "You do not let your technique get in the way of your reality on stage. You are always in the moment, you are always alive." She calls Kayla extraordinary, and makes a big deal over the dancers not having danced with each other before this week.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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