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How about Janette and Brandon? Brandon says he'd be a lighting and design person because he loves sets, and making them all sparkly. Janette says she'd definitely be a loan processor in a bank, because she's a year away from her finance degree. She says it's not the "funnest" job in the world, but she enjoys it. And Brandon makes fun of her banking aspirations. I realize the "Making Things Sparkly" section of the Want Ads features plenty of jobs, Brandon, but not everyone has an aptitude for that.

So they're doing a Dave Scott hip-hop routine, which he says will be like rock and roll meets hip-hop. So ... "Walk This Way," then? Brandon explains that Janette is a cocky rock star, while he's a hip-hopper who wants to be a rock star. And then they fuse it together, or whatever. Janette says Brandon surprised her with his popping and locking skills.

So they're dancing to Common. OK, I'll allow it. There is a throne on stage. Janette looks like a groupie from a Mötley Crüe video from about twenty-six years ago, and Brandon has on a baseball cap. Janette sits on the throne and acts dismissive as Brandon whirls around and tries to endear himself to Janette, who sneers and aggressively thrusts her pelvis in various directions. Then she teaches him to throw the devil's horns, and how to play air guitar, and he hip-hops it up, and she starts doing his moves ... the synchronization is really good. This is a fun piece. They bang their heads, thump their chests, Brandon does a little bit of breakdancing, and in the end, Brandon winds up on the throne, with Janette still shouting at the devil.

Nigel says it's great to see the way choreographers get inspired by the dancers they have, and compares Brandon to 50 Cent (pronounced "fifty" cent) and CHER, and then he praises Brandon's hip-hop. "This is dancers coming totally out of their element, being put in another element, and working it."

Mary: "I THINK YOU GUYS REALLY HIT THAT. YES I DO!" She says Brandon really hit hard, and said Janette really nailed it too. "What a huge, huge surprise," she says, and then she screams, and the dancers do the spastic dance of people pretending to think it's awesome when she does that.

And then Toni goes on about how Dave Scott's juxtaposition of the two styles was really strategic, and then she starts talking about how hard it is to dance street, like the only time anyone calls it street dancing is when Toni Basil is on the show, and then Nigel interrupts her saying not much of anything to ask if Toni ever had a pair of tights like Janette's, which are these very carefully ripped holey tights and Toni says they didn't even have tights like that back then, so she had to rip holes in her herself (the correct answer is that she wore holes in them, being from the streets and everything) and since we really have to be moving on, Cat says, "Who cares, when you wear them this well," which was actually kind of rude to Nigel and Toni if you think about it.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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